Touch 26

I had heard it was a pretty large BAM moment in this episode. What I did not hear was that THE ENTIRE PLANET WAS GOING TO EXPLODE AFTER VEIWING THIS EPISODE.

That was the most UNEXPECTED BAM EVER. Like…..HOLY SHIT?













I’m going to say, this episode started kind of slow, with a bunch of boring scenes that were filled to the brim with “nothing special”. However, it episode turned out pretty good, as they finally did a live performance in front of the school, which I can relate to, since Loo$e Change has done the same exact thing in the past. For the record, we got a standing ovation, as well as praise from fellow random black dudes, proof that we know how to lay down the tracks.

If you’re reading this, then I assume you’ve watched this episode. If you haven’t, well then you’re not very smart at all now are you? It starts off with Mio wanting to practice, but everyone is too busy with other commitments. Mio of course gets scared again (talk about BEATING A DEAD HORSE) and eventually they get to practice blah blah blah.

Then the only good part comes: the actual show. They get on stage and Mio is nervous, so everyone gives her words of encouragement:



This apparently makes her feel great, because she throws it down hard. Then the animation changes and their performance  is shown in an awesome music video format:

They're in a car. In the middle of nowhere.

New look looks gay because of those hearts.

You look like a middle schooler. At least you know how to ride in a care with your arm on the window. 7 points.

You look like a God Damn Hippie.

.....I have nothing good to add.

What did they do....rob a candy store?

I would never drive out into the middle of the desert to watch a bunch of hippies play.

Here come the fuzz.

Why would you need a tank? THEY'RE FOUR "HIGH SCHOOL" GIRLS?

Coolest picture in the show ever.

Typical hippies. When met with the smallest amount of resistance, they give up and leave.

Here comes jake.

Have you ever seen that movie "The Chase" with Charlie Sheen? It's a great movie.

The bottom line is, the animation for the video section was pretty cool. I mean, all they really did was change the exposure (it looks like to me….I don’t even know what I’m talking about to tell you the truth). However, the video was gay because:

  1. It didn’t make any sense whatsoever. I mean it did, but it didn’t match the song at all, and the director of this music video will never be contacted to do any Loo$e Change videos, rest assured.
  2. This picture:

This picture screams out Hippie like the fucking dog outside my window won't shut the fuck up. NO ONE CARES DOG STOP BARKING.

This picture screams out Hippie like the fucking dog outside my window won't shut the fuck up. NO ONE CARES DOG STOP BARKING.

The cops show up, and she pulls this love & peace shit. You committed a crime bitch, you’re going to jail, and nothing you say or do is going to get you out of it. Damn hippie.

In the end, they finish the song without a hitch, except for the fact the Yui is singing backup with a sore throat, and sounds like shit. Other then that, Mio rocks. Who does her voice? Yoko Hikasa? She’s got some real talent. After it’s over, Ritsu comments that Mio is finally over her shyness. Right when she said that, I’m sure every single person in the world immediately said, out loud to themselves, “She’s going to trip over the guitar wire.” I know I did. No sooner had I said these words (out loud, to myself, with my index finger pointed in the air as if I was making a point), then she tripped over the wire, and everyone saw her:

That's right, you're spoiled meat now, Mio.

I thought it was a good episode, because I could relate to the excitement you feel before performing, and also because this episode showed them doing something actually related to the general theme of the anime, which is music/band, instead of some gay thing like Mid-Terms or Beach bullshit. Oh well I can’t complain since I like this show. I must admit, however, that it can be kind of stupid at times……..there wasn’t enough Sawako Sensei in this episode.

This show is the same as Lucky Star. It’s fucking stupid, but for some reason, I fuckin love it, although I have no idea why. My guess is that I like retarded characters.