Hayate no Gotoku!! S2 E6: I ♥ Show

Hayate no Gotoku!! Season 2 continues to astound me in the fact that it’s actually surpassing the first season by leaps and bounds. I really can’t get enough of it. I’ve never done an episode review for Hayate and I figured this was the time to do it.

First, a short summary that you can feel free to skip, since you’ve already most likely watched. I’ll go fast so as not to take up too much space:


Nagi is still embarrassed from what happened between her and Hayate in the last episode (what with the nakedness and the kiss) so Maria gives Hayate 1 million yen and tells him to lay low for three days. Directly after receiving this substantial amount f dough, he runs into moochers and people in dire need of money, so he gives it all away and eventually spends the night at Hinagiku’s house, where her mom wants to dress him as a girl, and he finally realizes that Hinagiku is awesome.

The people return the money to the mansion, and this causes Maria to wonder where Hayate is staying, so she goes to the school incognito in her old school uniform.


Next, here are a few screen shots of awesome parts of the episode:

Look, it's Maria.

Look, there's Maria again.

Oh look, it's Maria one last time.....looks like she's planning something devious.

For a change of pace, here's Maria.

Maria proves that glasses don't make a good disguise unless they're ROUND:

Maria proves that glasses don't make a good disguise unless they're ROUND:

Do you see a trend in my screen shots?

Basically, the point I’m trying to make is, MARIA RULES. I liked her in season one, but it seems like so far she’s been twice as nice in season two. I mean, she’s funnier, she gets involved more, and isn’t referred to only when someone wants to talk about how “mature” she is. She’s been rockin this shit. Maria rules. I mean how pumped do you get for episode 7 when you see something like this at the end of this episode:

Oh snap! That's right, I just said "Oh snap!"

Maria + Mischievous = Shit is about to GO DOWN.

It is not a fact that Hayate no Gotoku is awesome. It is a DOUBLE FACT.

The Quest for Manliness

Are you man enough? Recently, a friend of mine created in all likely hood the greatest event ever established. This event will test men in almost every category of strength and brawn, and I will be participating in this event during the course of the summer. I helped slightly with the planning, although he refused to take many of my ideas, like Knife Throwing, to heart. here is the event as written by Robert William Palko:

This is to be a summer for the ages. With the shitstorm that is going on in today’s society, including, but not limited to, Nancy Boys, Silly Sallys, and metro bordering on homo sexuality, some men – the MANLIEST of men – see a new age dawning. Help us to usher in the new era of manliness with the now monthly summer competition erected to glorify the Gods of Manliness. This event is none other than THE QUEST FOR MANLINESS.

To quote Thomas Paine, a very manly man himself,

“These are the times that try men’s lives. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their manliness; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love of hot bisexual women and the admiration of his fellow men. The tyranny of metrosexual culture, like Hell, is not easily conquered;yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is manliness and brawn only that gives every thing its value.”

Also, to quote Medea, who – although a woman – knew the greatest insult to call Jason the Argonaut:

“O coward in every way, that is what I call you, with bitterest reproach for your lack of manliness”

Still wondering what this glorious competition in celebration of manliness is?

Every month there will be a competition – a decathlon wasn’t manly enough, what with its mere 10 events, so we will have an icosathalon. A 20 EVENT COMPETITION TO DETERMINE WHO IS THE GREATEST MAN. The events will be as follows.

Bicep Pullups
Tricep Pullups
Bench Press
Baseball Long Toss
Discus Toss
40 Yard Dash
Long Jump
Arm Wrestling
Vertical Leap

1/4 Mile Sprint
Wall Sits
Car Pushing
Log Carrying
Stomach Punching
Pike Position

Meat Eating


Interested? You DAMN well should be. Anyone who wants in, feel free to hit me up, we are always looking to add to the growing population of true MANLY MEN.

The end. I for one can’t wait to  show off my brawn by pushing cars and punching others in the stomach. Another event I would have liked to see was boulder tossing, but apparently he isn’t in to that sort of thing.