Gantz 298

Because Gantz is the best thing ever invented, I have decided I want to give my views on each chapter, and the ensuing illustrious greatness that it provides. Therefore….

Best manga ever.

Kurono is cloned (I officially dub him “Fake-K”), and Reika does what is probably the wise thing and tells him right away that he’s a fake, avoiding any possible confusing situations that might arrive. As expected, Fake-K calls her a selfish bitch and slaps her in the face while molesting her bosum leaves, saying that he still loves Tae. Fake-K goes back to his house and sees his real self entering, talking about how he’s “Gonna call Tae chan and tell her he loves her and ooochi smoochie woooochi”. At this point Fake-K accepts that Tae is no longer part of his life. And the Chapter ends. Also, Gantz is walking around randomly, maybe he’s going to buy some spare parts at Autozone for his ball.

Unexpected fan-service!

What do I think will happen? Either Kurono or Fake-K will die, but it won’t matter. Either way, they’re bound to meet, and if it turns out that Kurono isn’t free from Gantz, then they’re gonna have one nasty fuckin team, which I would LOVE to see. Personally, I would love to have a clone, maybe then someone would actually play wiffleball, or have a catch. All my friends either play soccer or basketball. Gay.


3 thoughts on “Gantz 298

    • Fake-K is a huge vagina. Frankly, I don’t really get what the big deal would be if the two of them met. Here’s my prediction of what would happen:

      They’d probably just have a conversation where real Kurono would be surprised for 5 seconds, until Fake-K told him what was going on, after which Kurono would have the same reaction that Fake-K originally had after he was told by Reika. Then they’d just be like “Okay, what should we do?” After which they would most likely double team Tae, which would most likely please her, because deep down, she’s a freak.

  1. “maybe then someone would actually play wiffleball, or have a catch”
    I’ll have a catch. Let’s have a catch.

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