Best and Worst of Spring 09

Pretty self explainable from the title. I’m just going to mention the best and worst anime so far from this season.

Best Anime:

1. Pandora Hearts

Alice (not in wonderland) and Oz (not a wizard of)

I was not a fan of this show after the first episode, but I’ll admit, it’s gotten better and better and the story has started to develop nicely. It looks like it could actually be pretty damn good too. Particularly, I like the mix of humor and Alice. Alice rules (I think I’ve said that once or twice or every single post I make about Pandora Hearts).

2. Sengoku Basara

Action anime of the season.

Bang-out. Blammy. Boom shaka laka. This show rules. Here’s why:

It contains:

  • Historical characters from feudal Japan (Sengoku Period)
  • Sick fight scenes
  • Sick characters
  • Awesomeness

The only reason it’s two is because the fighting hasn’t been as awesome in the past two episodes, something that I’m sure will change.

3. Asura Cryin’

Tomo and Misao

Despite the occasionally shitty animation, I still think that this anime is damn good. I was ecstatic after the first episode, and while I may have jumped the gun a bit on that aspect, I certainly wasn’t wrong in that this anime is one of my favorites. I feel like it doesn’t get enough credit, even from me. Misao is becoming one of my favorite characters of the season, I just wish Tomo would cut that strand of hair. God it looks dumb.

Worst Anime:

1. Shangri-la

Too bad such a cool character got stuck in this shit-pile.

Fucking shitty. Never before have I seen such a promising anime turn to a pile of shit as fast as this show. I mean, you’ve got Boomerang Girl, Heterochromian Girl, and then Bandage Girl all in one show, and you turn it into a jumbled mess of crap. This show was so shitty and boring that I dropped it before I saw episode 6, which I am HIGHLY against doing.

2. 07 Ghost

This show is gay/made for girls.

I finally got through episode 2. It took 3 weeks. This show SUCKS. I mean, it’s focus is girls (it’s a shoujo anime after all), so that could be a reason why I don’t like all the gay shit, but the plot is so slow moving that I can’t even get through an episode without leaving my computer and doing other things. Shitty. Eventually I’ll get there, maybe in a few years I’ll watch another episode.

3. Queen’s Blade

Finally a show for all ages to watch.

Even though it’s probably the most entertaining, due to it’s ridiculous amount of fanservice, which I find funny as midgets trying to score on Dwight Howard Chris Andersen (he’s fucking better). It’s a shitty show, so it gets the proper slot. But it’s fun to watch, so it’s number 3….I wish Reina (pictured scantily clad in above picture) would just die. She sucks.

Shows I Decided to hold off on until they’re complete:

1. Saki


I don’t know shit about Mahjong. Supposedly it’s like Gin Rummy. I don’t know how to play that either (wait, yes I do, I played it every night last summer). I need to learn Mahjong first. Chances are I never will.

2. Natsu no Arashi!

It's actually not a bad show.

Well, I’ll watch it eventually, right now I’m just too preoccupied.

Shows That Are Teetering:

1. K-ON!

Mio sucks.

It’s turning into a broken record, especially Mio, the shittiest character ever (that’s right, she sucks). K-ON! Has fallen from it’s high horse, and is getting crappier every episode. As of now, I still like it, but who knows where the road goes. If they add more Sawako Sensei, it can be good. The best parts about this are the OP and the ED.

2. Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Hopefully it get's back on track.

Besides the fact that it uses the word “Phantom” twice in it’s title, this show has been stalled by the last two episodes, both fillers, a few more episodes like that and it could be looking up at it’s body from a basket (guillotine reference).

I should mention that I have been mainly watching the following three shows, Touch, Yu Yu Hakusho, and GTO. They’ve been occupying most of my time. Also, shows like FMA and Hayate, which are awesome and sweet, were not added because, while they’re new, you kind of already knew what to expect from them.


Sengoku Basara 6: Super..SMASSSHHH BROOTHERRRSS!!!

Well. What can I say about this show? It certainly started off nastily, as the first 4 episodes seemed to be stuffed to the rafters with awesome fights and awesome characters and awesome…..ness. But I don’t know, something about these last two episodes seemed….off. I guess I was expecting more out of this battle than watching a bunch of guys stand in a field. I felt like each army had about 12 guys.

They're obviously break dancing in the middle of that circle.

They're obviously break dancing in the middle of that circle.

Yea wow look at all of them. That'll be tough. (sarcasm)

Yea wow look at all of them. That'll be tough. (sarcasm)

Of course, when a huge explosion happens, the number of soldiers magically increases:

Boom Baby!

I wanna see a shitload of guys killing themselves. Give me a sense that there’s an actual  battle going one. I mean, okay, I know the focus is on the main characters, but still, show me some chaos.

As far as the episode goes, it wasn’t bad, because Tadakatsu died (apparently, I for one doubt he is really dead…I mean, he’s like, the nastiest fighter in Japanese history, besides Musashi). I really never liked Tadakatsu’s Gundam Gear. It was gay looking and didn’t work with this show (I felt).

Tadakatsu wasn't even beaten by Yukimura. He lost to a girl!

Tadakatsu wasn't even beaten by Yukimura. He lost to a girl!

Noh is the coolest female character in this show with ease. She wields those guns nastily. Kind of reminds me of Revy (no one really comes close to Revy).

Noh is the coolest female character in this show with ease. She wields those guns nastily. Kind of reminds me of Revy (no one really comes close to Revy).

Also in this episode, Kenshin tries to stop Keiji from attacking Nobunaga, but fails miserably because he’s a fucking sissy girl:

Most miserable attempt to stop anyone ever.

Most miserable attempt to stop anyone ever.

However, the end of this episode really got me pumped up. And I can not wait until a few more episodes go by. Why? Just look at these eyes:

Those eyes say, "I'm gonna fuckin kill you."

Those eyes say, "I'm gonna fuckin kill you, Nobunaga."

I’m getting a feeling that Nobunaga’s days as “Main Bad Guy” are numbered.

Oh yea, Azai died this episode. “Ichi” cried boo hoo.

Historical Fact that may completely give away the rest of the series:

In real history, Mitsuhide betrays Nobunaga at Honno-ji. Mitsuhide kicked Nobunaga’s ass and forced him to commit seppuku. And that little brat eating the small candy is gonna do the same. They both die. But then Mitsuhide gets killed right after by Hideyoshi. I would love to see how they design the character of Hideyoshi, because he was always compared to a monkey in real life. Here’s a picture of him:

These are the coolest monkeys ever.

I don’t really see it. And yes, the title of this post was completely random.