Apparently Eye Am…..

…going to pick up Eden of the East, and write a first Impressions Review after the first episode. Which means in this post. I guess the show is supposedly really good, and since I’m sick and tired of all these other bloggers who think they know everything saying how it’s great, I’m going to watch the damn thing.

Jesus Christ I have to much on my plate. I still have to catch up to a million shows (well I don’t have to) and write a post regarding this, which I will eventually make (if I get around to it).

When am I going to find the time to watch this? Right now:

First and foremost, the OP is crazy good:

So far, a great start for this show. That was one of the best OPs I’ve seen in a long time, although the song couldn’ve been slightly better. I wonder, should I call it Eden of the East, or Higashi no Eden? Hmmmm.

Wow, this has some steller animation:





I am very pleased at how awesome this show looks. It’s almost like an animated version of Jason Bourne…Holy shit he just made a the same comparison as me literally right after I typed that:

This show knows, KNOWS.

What else is good? Well the characters rule. Saki and Akira are both awesome unique characters. Saki is cool just because, and Akira, who has no memory, let’s nothing both him, and goes with the flow awesomely. He’s like Jason Bourne. Here. This screen shot explains why they are both awesome.

Saki makes cool poses (comedic) and Akira does not care about anything.

Also the English is damn good. When someone speaks it, they actually don’t sound Japanese.

I am AMPED as this looks like it could will be the best anime of the Spring. Good thing I gave it a shot. If this continues to be this good, and doesn’t get corny or dumb, then it’s looking at a high rating. I mean, this anime is QUALITY. I have noticed no flaws. And just to round it off, the ED is the best of the season. I’m going to say that the OP and ED of this anime crush K-ON’s so called great OP and ED into the ground with the hammer from various Nintendo games.

In case you’re wondering, I wrote this when I while I was watching the show, and then went back and added screen shots and shit. That’s why it’s kind of all over the place. I will be singing the Mario Hammer tune for the next few days now….Doo do-doo doo doo DEE doo DEE doo dee dee-dee dee dee DAA doo DAA doo


5 thoughts on “Apparently Eye Am…..

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  2. Nice of you to join the party. Eden of the East might not make complete sense all the time and seems almost too ambitious for it’s short length (11 episodes), but there’s no denying it is a production that screams “Quality!” from every pore of its being.

  3. “Jesus Christ I have to much on my plate.”
    How does one much on their plate??? ( ´_>`)

    “Doo do-doo doo doo DEE doo DEE doo dee dee-dee dee dee DAA doo DAA doo”
    Best rendition of this I have seen. Anyone would walk away satisfied.

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