I’ve actually sort of been watching the NHL for the first time since my beloved Hartford Whalers were uprooted and sent to North Carolina by a certain un-named peice of tash shit heap owner. Today, the Whalers were alive in my mind again as I watched the present team of their franchise, the Carolin Hurricanes, beat the Bruins in OT in a best of 7 Series Clincher. GO WHALERS! Here’s some awesome shit:

And here is my favorite player ever in Whaler’s History: BEST PLAYER EVER:


Dear God I teared up a bit with that Brass Bonanza playing (not really). If the Whalers never moved I would have a completely different life right now, as I would be an avid hockey player, have totally different friends, less teeth, and probably no interest in anime. Actually, I would probably still like anime. I mean, I’ve always liked it.

4 thoughts on “Go WHALERS!

  1. Eric Staal and the carolina hurricanes vs jordan staal and the pittsburgh penguins in the conference finals… i love the nhl playoffs…. mostly cuz the pens are the greatest

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