Hayate no Gotoku!! 7: Rooting = Quitting

Seriously, I don’t think anyone really likes Yam girl. I mean. Just when it looked like Hayate and Hinagiku were going to make some progress and shit, here comes the hamster with her God damn bag of yams, spoiling everything.

Yams aren't even that good.

She turned Hina into a “rooter”.

Root for yourself! Numbskull!

Unrelated to Ayumu, but Maria is also a “rooter”.

Being a "Rooter" is the same as being a "Quiter".

Being a "Rooter" is the same as being a "Quitter".

Nagi has no business being in a relationship at her age. She’s fucking 13! Why are you rooting for  13 year old?

Ayumu serves no real purpose, because she’s never going to confess to Hayate, and for the most part, is just in the show to screw everything up.

In my opinion, the “battle” for Hayate is now between the Ayumu and Nagi (hamster vs dragon) because now that Maria and Hina are both “rooters”, I doubt that they’ll ever admit anything to Hayate ever. Of course, Nagi will win out over everyone because she was the first girl, and that is how anime go. Hold on a second, wasn’t Ayumu first? Hmmmmmm……

After reading this, I may have been to critical of Ayumu. Honestly, I like her character, but for the most part I like her character’s screen time to mainly be quick, random shots of her eating (she’s alwasys eating). It’s just that I like Hinagiku more (everyone kind of does). Has anyone really missed Nagi in the past few episodes?

I’m not even going to try and revise this post because it’s not worth its, since it’s so shitty. It’s probably full of errors.


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