Pandora Hearts 7: Dear God I Love This Show

I’m going to keep this really short, because I have an actual paper to write, but here are the top three anime characters from Spring 2009:

Just a great shot.

In a spring that wasn’t as good as I had hoped for, there are a few anime out there that have really got me going. Pandora Hearts is one of them, if not the top dog of them. This show doesn’t get dull, it doesn’t lose my intrest (a feat in itself), it has some God Damn great characters. Now, I have said before that Alice kicks ass. She is easily my favorite character of the season (not counting Hayate of FMA, just because). So what happens when you have

Normal Kick-Ass Tsundere Alice:

You act tough but I can see right through you, Alice.

And then decide to add in White Apparently-Evil Alice:

Aaaannnnnd boom goes the dynamite.

She looks fuckin' cool as hell, But I'm stickin' with my girl Black Alice.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very, very excited.

Queen’s Blade 7: Completely Retarded

Of course, that’s to be expected from Queen’s Blade. In fact, that’s why it doesn’t really suck. This episode was completely about a certain angel that I endorsed. Of course, this endorsement of said angel was retracted the very next episode, but now, after this episode, I re-endorse Nanael as a good character, but maybe not the best. She’s still pretty dumb, but at least they sort of showed a back story.

Warning, this post contains screen-shots from the latest Queen’s Blade episode. In other words, nudity. But it’s okay, because they’re just animations.

So why was this episode completely retarded? Because Nanael is completely retarded. Basically the head angel is pissed at her, because Nanael is a complete failure, so she tells her to go down and find out shit about some Swamp Witch. She goes down to earth, and discovers:

She is preforming the "18 Year Old Virgin," which is a trick from a Johnny Mosley game for PS2...I'm not even joking.

She discovers hot springs randomly, which of course in Queen’s Blade means that a bunch of randomly naked girls are about to show up. Sure enough Menace, Mellona, and Airi, the Swamp Witches Minions show up. By the way, who the fuck is the Swamp Witch?:

At least there's nothing inappropriate yet.

Nanael finds some shit out from them, and in return, she “tells them where Reina is”. Of course, she just makes up where Reina is, as she has no idea herself, but coincidentally Reina happens to be nearby, and when Nanael learns of this, she beats up the three sluts before they can find her.

Somewhere in the episode they tried to make a back story of Nanael and how she got made fun of because her wings are all fucking awkward.

When she gets back to heaven with her information, the Head Angel tell her that they already knew all of the shit that she found out, and so she is banished to Earth, and has to help Reina for the rest of ever. She is aso given milk, and if she spills all of it, then she will be banished to hell. The milk of course turns into crude humor (which is the best kind).

Get it? It's supposed to look like your mom's face!

Don’t forget kids! Milk builds strong bones!

Lucky Star/K-ON Crazyness

Ok, I don’t know if anyone’s ever played DDR, but I recognized the song from these videos was from it (I used to love DDR….haven’t really played it in a long ass time). The song in question is Red Zone (Robert you know what I’m talking about). Anyway, I love these crazy ass videos. I guess they’re on Nico Nico Douga, but that whole site’s in Japanese so I have no clue what I’m doing there (even when I use Google’s translations).

I enjoyed that. It was crazy, random, and retarded. Perfect. Also, kind of like the show, except the show is kind of just retarded. Could have done with less dialogue and more randomness. The best part is 1:30 on.

Here’s a similar one, except Lucky Star:

And just for shits and giggles, here’s one about a certain hammer I talked about in some other post that I’m not going to link to because I’m lazy:

From these videos, I can deduce that Nico Nico Douga is great. But I will never go there because it’s confusing.