Queen’s Blade 7: Completely Retarded

Of course, that’s to be expected from Queen’s Blade. In fact, that’s why it doesn’t really suck. This episode was completely about a certain angel that I endorsed. Of course, this endorsement of said angel was retracted the very next episode, but now, after this episode, I re-endorse Nanael as a good character, but maybe not the best. She’s still pretty dumb, but at least they sort of showed a back story.

Warning, this post contains screen-shots from the latest Queen’s Blade episode. In other words, nudity. But it’s okay, because they’re just animations.

So why was this episode completely retarded? Because Nanael is completely retarded. Basically the head angel is pissed at her, because Nanael is a complete failure, so she tells her to go down and find out shit about some Swamp Witch. She goes down to earth, and discovers:

She is preforming the "18 Year Old Virgin," which is a trick from a Johnny Mosley game for PS2...I'm not even joking.

She discovers hot springs randomly, which of course in Queen’s Blade means that a bunch of randomly naked girls are about to show up. Sure enough Menace, Mellona, and Airi, the Swamp Witches Minions show up. By the way, who the fuck is the Swamp Witch?:

At least there's nothing inappropriate yet.

Nanael finds some shit out from them, and in return, she “tells them where Reina is”. Of course, she just makes up where Reina is, as she has no idea herself, but coincidentally Reina happens to be nearby, and when Nanael learns of this, she beats up the three sluts before they can find her.

Somewhere in the episode they tried to make a back story of Nanael and how she got made fun of because her wings are all fucking awkward.

When she gets back to heaven with her information, the Head Angel tell her that they already knew all of the shit that she found out, and so she is banished to Earth, and has to help Reina for the rest of ever. She is aso given milk, and if she spills all of it, then she will be banished to hell. The milk of course turns into crude humor (which is the best kind).

Get it? It's supposed to look like your mom's face!

Don’t forget kids! Milk builds strong bones!

8 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade 7: Completely Retarded

  1. Anyway, time for a relevant comment. I want to hate Aya Hirano just to spite all the fanboys who won’t shut up about her, but I must admit she’s doing a great job voicing Nanael.

    • She really is. As for the character herself, I’m back and forth about whether or not I like her. Right now I like her and hate Reina, so it appears as though my favorite character and least favorite character are teaming up. I can’t wait to see how I react.

      Also, Go Whalers (Hurricanes)……….Fuck Peter Karmanos. I hope someone kills him until he dies from it.

  2. Nanael may be retarded, but the three minions are even more retarded. Who in their right minds would take directions from Nanael. Even if they didn’t know Nanael was incompetent, at least they should have known she was lying. But then again, Nanael would kick their ass anyways

    • Hahaha yea I know right? They just believed her as if she was their long time friend or something.

      “You better not be lying!”
      “I’m not!”
      “Oh. Okay then.”

  3. PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, at the end of this episode.. when Riena and Nanael had “holy milk” on their faces… i was laughing my ass off

    the only reason this show doesnt suck is because IT IS HILARIOUS

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