Lieutenant Hawkeye Rules

Hell yeah she does. Even her name kicks ass. “Hawkeye”. I mean, come on.

She's fucking awesome.

The Lieutenant literally has no faults and she doesn’t fuck around either. Just look at what people are saying about her!

It looks like she heard....

Why she rules:

  • She usually wears an awesome serious expression, which makes her non-serious face just amazing
  • She doesn’t fuck around
  • She’s got a thing for the Colonal, and this usually results in a lot of funny situations.

Why am I writing such a pointless post? Besides the fact that I can do whatever the fuck I want on this site, I just felt that in the first series of FMA, she didn’t get enough screen time compared to the manga, so I’m just hopeful that this series of FMA gives her more time to shine. Is she my favorite character in FMA? Not really, but she’s definitly a top 5, and if you match that in proportion to amount of air time she receives, that’s pretty damn good.

I would endorse a spin off only about her.


She's just fucking cool.

She needs more respect.