Please For the Love of God



The truth is, I like this damn running gag. Almost all running gags kick ass, but I’M SO PISSED THAT THE NUGGETS LOST. HOW MANY GUYS DO THEY HAVE TO LEAVE WIDE OPEN FOR THREES BEFORE THEY LEARN TO NOT LEAVE GUYS WIDE OPEN FOR THREES!!!????!?!?!?! CARTER, WHAT KIND OF INBOUND WAS THAT!??!!!?!??!?!?!??!??!??!?!??

If J.R. Smith (aka best player ever) is out for this series we’re fucked….time to look into other options.

But anyway yea, I’m catching up on Natsu no Arashi, because I stopped after episode 2, despite liking it. AHRYAAA!!!

(If you know what that last yell is from you win the prize (hint: It’s an anime))


12 thoughts on “Please For the Love of God

  1. Denver is doomed. The NBA and ESPN/ABC aren’t going to allow Kobe (or Lebron, but for some reason I don’t mind that as much) to be kept out of the playoffs, even if they have to send David Stern out onto the court with an uzi and have him start popping Nuggets. LA’s going to win the finals this year with a worse team than the one that couldn’t do it last year, just so Kobe can finally get a ring without Shaq. Sure that makes the rest of the Lakers happy, which might explain how they got embarassed thrice by a woefully undermanned but considerably closer TEAM in he last round.

    Wish you luck, though. Hope Carmelo’s got a neck brace, because he’s going to need it for all the whiplash from the cheap elbow shots that will never be called until (maybe) after the game is over. Go Rockets.

    • To be honest, I’d have to say that the Nuggets were on the lucky side as far as calls go. Billups hit a three near the end after stepping out of bounds. It still counted. They were screwed on a few though, I thought. Like when Carter “fouled” Kobe on a three (I think it was a three). He literally never touched him. There were a few like that. I still have hope as long as Smith isn’t out more than one game. I think he’ll be back. He did walk (limp heavily) back to the locker room.

  2. if you watched the game the NBA didnt give all the calls to kobe… im a third party and i dont care about who wins at all, i do like the nuggets, although i would LOVE to see kobe vs lebron

    however the calls were made very even… the only think stern will do is make sure no flagrants are called on bryant or james… if you watched tonights game youd notice kobe almost fouled out.. and actually had 2 or 3 QUESTIONABLE calls against them

    i think if they nuggets lose this series a lot of fans will use “stern wanted kobe to win” as an excuse… but i know Jeff will not, because hes not an excuse maker, and i respect him as a nuggets fan

    • I love when you’re typing a really long comment and then you hit “backspace” and it skips to the last web page, thus erasing your comment. Computers are fucking gay. I’m not even going to retype my comment now. Fuck life.

  3. Neither team played all that well, but Nuggets screwed up when it counted the most. Why was Carter the one throwing the inbound pass? Why was he even on the court? I think they’ll put up a fight, but they probably aren’t disciplined enough to beat the Lakers. I’m not really a fan of either team, although out of the two I’d pick the Nuggets since I don’t like how the Lakers have the refs on their side.

  4. haha we were saying the exact same thing… carter is short as hell… and phil (the zen-master) puts lamar odom guarding the inbound.. which was smart for the lakers cuz hes tall and long, that made carter throw a lob, cuz thats the only way he could get it in, and ariza is too good of a defender for that pass to get through

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