Is There Anything Easier Than Print-Screen???

First of all, I’d like to point out that I’m really dumb. I’ve been using print-screen for all my screen-shots, and then pasting them in paint, after which I re-crop, and re-paste. This method isn’t really hard to do, but it’s really fucking annoying. I was just wondering if there was some other, faster, better, easier way to get a screen-shot of something, such as this:

This show is about learning.

That example was done in Microsoft Paint, something that takes about 6 steps for me, and is annoying.


9 thoughts on “Is There Anything Easier Than Print-Screen???

  1. No theres not… and how is that a 6 step process?

    1. Print Screen
    2. Open in Paint
    3. Delete everything around your picture
    4. Save

    There is nothing that could possibly be faster than that

  2. Use Media Player Classic and there is a screen cap functionality built right in. Might have to mess the setting a little to get it working the first time though.

    • Yeah, that’s what most bloggers use.
      It’s CTRL-I to take a screenshot, though it doesn’t always take the exact picture of the screen.

      Though for streaming (which is what I assume you use, since print-screen doesn’t really work for video files), I don’t think there’s any other option.

  3. There’s also screenshot functionality in VLC (it’s shift-S default on the version I have) and in a variety of other players! Just check your settings. Much faster than cropping ^_^

  4. At first I read that as if Print-Screen was the easiest thing and it was sarcastic but instead it was a serious question

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