Wow, Nuggets.

Learn how to inbound a pass for God’s sake. I could have seen that coming from several miles away. Here’s what you need to do better:

  • Take smarter shots
  • Learn how to inbound
  • Stop getting technicals
  • Teach Kenyon Martin that “arch” is better when taking shots….(did he make a single basket besides that one put-back?)

Jesus Christ….also, remind me never to watch a game with Joe ever again. He’s fucking annoying….good thing me and Matt drank all of his Bracardi. JOKES ON YOU MOTHER FUCKER!


China Fucking Blows


Fuck China

Just look at yourself, China. I mean seriously take a good long look at youreself. Your greatest assest is a big old wall. Your greatest contribution to mankind is either fireworks or pasta, and most people think that Italians made pasta.

I mean sure Romance of the Three Kingdoms made you look kind of cool. But fuck, look at you now. You’re a communist, coal running, polluted cluster fuck of shit-grease. Let’s state one reason why you suck hardcore.

I have a source. A person who knows a person (great source huh?). This person (not the person who knows the person, but the person who’s known) had been to China on two occasions. The first occasion was a normal visit for I think a month. Here’s a description that she gave me when I sat down with her in an interveiw I just made up, and didn’t really happen:

Eye Sedso: So, how was China?

Person: Well, one thing I noticed was that in the cities, little kids wear these pants where the back can open up, so that they can take shits easier.

Eye Sedso: What, they can’t unbotton their pants quick enough?

Person: Well they just shit where ever they are. For example, they’ll stop on the sidewalk and take a shit, and then continue on their merry way.

I hope to God that I don’t need t explain why this is wrong, but I garantee that she did say this (person’s name is unknown, but the person who knows the person is Betty Schollin (Stalter), aka the Gossip Queen).

Now, the second time that this person went to China was during the Olymics, when China was in the national spotlight. What did she have to say this time?

Eye Sedso: How was your trip to this shitty country this time?

Person: Any person who wasn’t normal, aka any handicapped people, homeless people, or kids that shit on the streets suddenly had disappeared from life. If anyone had any abnormality, you didn’t know about it.

So what’s wrong with this? Was it discrimination? No. It’s the fact that it took China a fuckin long time before it cleaned up it’s act, and finally cleaned up the shit (literally) off their streets. Of course, with the departing of the Olympics came the return of these shitty kids (again, literal).

Reason number two is their technology. I’m even going to get into their shittyness. I mean, fuck, just take a look at their great technological achievments. There’s a  shitload of reasons why China sucks on youtube.

Of course, their still doing really good in one area: The amount of pollution they produce is quite high. still looking into new advances in coal, the dirtiest energy source ever. Get with the program China, I mean, we all still use coal, but we create shit called petroleum, which burns cleaner and isn’t fucking retarded.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea and think that I’m racist. I tend to prefer the Asian variety of women over all other forms. I just happen to think that China fucking blows. Communist fucks are fucks. Seriously, China is like a third world country with cities.

And yes, I’ve heard that if China wanted to, they could take over the world due to their retardedly huge population, which is mainly men (smart move homos). However, I think that China is too fucking dumb to pull that off. Fuck, the only good thing that came out of China was hip hop:

I just don’t like China. It’s dumb. Feel free to leave hateful comments toward me.