Wow, Nuggets.

Learn how to inbound a pass for God’s sake. I could have seen that coming from several miles away. Here’s what you need to do better:

  • Take smarter shots
  • Learn how to inbound
  • Stop getting technicals
  • Teach Kenyon Martin that “arch” is better when taking shots….(did he make a single basket besides that one put-back?)

Jesus Christ….also, remind me never to watch a game with Joe ever again. He’s fucking annoying….good thing me and Matt drank all of his Bracardi. JOKES ON YOU MOTHER FUCKER!


2 thoughts on “Wow, Nuggets.

  1. Man it was just like game 1… I guess nobody taught Kenyon Martin how to throw a bounce pass. jeez. Well neither the Nuggets or Lakers are that reliable, so lets see who’s less reliable between the two lol.

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