Queen’s Blade 8: How to be “More Ninja”

In my opinion, Tomoe and Shizuka represent the only real cool characters in Queen’s Blade, because they actually have unique qualities, and some personality. Not only that, but they’re “more ninja”:


Tomoe is cool.

Why is Tomoe so cool? Well, first of all she’s a priestess, and they always look cool with their get-ups. Second of all, she’s got a cool ass samurai sword, and that’s always a plus, because samurai swords are cool, and are pivotal in case you want to become more ninja (I wish I had the video to go along with the phrase “more ninja”. Either you know what I’m talking about or you don’t. But I can’t find the video, which is the news story of this. Of course, Tomoe is awesome, but she’s nothing without:


Shizuka is cool too.

The only way to be a lesbian couple is to have two lesbians, and there is no better counterpart for Tomoe than Shizuka (it’s not yet been revealed that they’re lesbians, but some people have their suspicions. So anyway, another way to be “more ninja” is to be an actual ninja. Shizuka is an actual ninja, so there you go. She also has a cool personality, which is almost the opposite of Tomoe’s sort of “bashful” persona. Wow I can’t believe I’m doing a character analysis on such a shitty show.

To tell the truth, I thought that this was the best episode of the series. it had some pretty good fight scenes, and the angel that replaced Nanael is wayyyyy better at doing her job, so that when someone says “I challenge you in Queen’s Blade”, then the fight actually starts, and isn’t gay.

Well, you sucked at your job....idiot.

And then Tomoe busts out the most ninja move there is:




They should have just made the show about these two, because they’re much better than other characters, like Reina, who sucks.I’m going to actually say that this episode was good. Yeah, that’s right. The only weird thing about this episode was when Shizuka pissed herself.