Spring 09: Remembering The Past

It seems to me that the Spring season as far as Anime is concerned has been all about the past. What do I mean?

I absolutely LOVE Gomplayer.....no more gay paint screen shots!

Here’s a list of Anime from Spring 09 that have something to do with re-discovering the past:

1. 07 Ghost

Although this Anime is still gay, and will always be gay, episode three and the screen-shot were the inspiration for this crappy post, so there you go. This kid, Teito, can “only remember bits and pieces of [his] past.” What to do, what to do?

Yea…I finally watched episode 3.

2. Pandora Hearts

A much, much better anime than 07 Ghost, and one of the best of the season imo. Alice, the greatest character ever made (well, maybe not the greatest, but undeniably awesome to say the least), has to collect fragments of her memories, and this is an awesome show.

3. Higashi no Eden

Aka Eden of the East. This kid’s memories were wiped, apparently by himself, and this show kicks ass.

4. Natsu no Arashi!

Okay, so they aren’t really trying to find their memories or anything, but they travel back in time periodically, so I’m going to include it. Don’t like it? My dick is ready for you to wrap your lips around.

5. Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Although I’m becoming increasingly disappointed with the lackluster episodes in this show lately (bring back the training episodes!), here is another anime that deals with the main character and his/her memories, or lack there of. What’s with all the missing memories this season?Aren’t you glad you wasted time reading this pointless piece of shit?

Tres bien!