Torrent Question

Okay, for the most part, I use torrents, and download them, and watch them, and I enjoy this method for watching anime. However, a lot of the time I watch streaming video as well, although usually I have to sacrifice quality to do so. I don’t really like streaming, but I’m kind of forced into it because I always have trouble finding who subs what and where you can download new episodes. Therefore:

“Is anyone not retarded (like me)? Is there maybe some place I can go that tells me who is subbing what (and where I can download them)?”

That is all. I’m getting sick of streaming, and really want to just use torrents.

This is mainly for new series. I just joined boxtorrents, and it’s the best thing ever (I’m aleady downloading a shitload of series, and that’s the main reason I bought the biggest hard drive I could for my laptop), but I can’t get anything new for six days.

8 thoughts on “Torrent Question

  1. if your a member (it’s free) of aniDB then it’ll have a list of every group that’s subbing the show and the community rating of the group’s effort. With that I’ll often just check TT and if that fails, go to the group’s website which I find from the group page on aniDB.

  2. Hello, casual reader here.

    I’m afraid this might be too obvious, but have you been to Tokyo Toshokan? is the address. Combine that with judicious use of The Fansub Wiki (easily found through Google), and you ought to do just fine.

  3. BoxTorrents makes you keep your upload/download rate at 1.000. I failed and got down to 0.006 before I realized that, and now I’m sad.

    • I never would have realized that. I just downloaded about 7 series today too. I wonder what will happen to my ratio?

      I just checked. My ratio is 0.159 already.

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