K-ON! 8: Why K-ON Won’t Ever Totally Suck

I’m not going to lie, I like K-ON. But, I also like to make fun of it, because let’s face it, it’s kind of dumb. Just look at this:

This is pretty fuckin dumb.

This is pretty dumb.

Not only is that the worst promotional idea for a club ever, but look at that chicken. Nice eyes you stupid chicken. However, no matter how retarded K-ON sometimes gets, it will never completely suck, and I have determined why from this episode.

Music. The music, I’m not going to lie, is good. I enjoy the music of the light music club. I mean, the OP and ED are good, catchy songs, and the songs that they play in the episodes are good, catchy songs.

They preform a song called, I Love Staples………or something like that…………My Love is a Staple? Maybe? I really can’t remember what it’s called. I could go back and look, but that would take effort. Either way, the song was good, but Mio needs to get over her fear of singing, because Yui’s voice is really annoying, while Mio can fuckin sing.

So, what else:

Look, it's Mio with a different hair style.

Look, it's Mio with a different hair style.

Oh wait, that’s not Mio, that’s some random ass girl (Nakano Azusa), who, as the episode ended, joins the music club. I have also decided that the best character in this show is Ritsu.

Ritsu is just too cool for school.

Ritsu wins out over Sawa-Sensei because Sawa-Sensei doesn’t get enough air time, and when she does, her personality is way too stable. I need the skitso Sawako that I was introduced to! That (episode 5) was still the best episode, and I doubt a better one will ever come by. By the way, the most attractive person is:

This Guitar

This Guitar

Okay, so it’s not really a person. But the whole reason behind why I started watching K-ON in the first place was because the guitar looked cool. Yea, it doesn’t take much for me to watch a show.

That being said, as of right now, I like the way that K-ON is headed, with it’s growing number of performances and episodes that are actually music-related, instead of random bullshit like “mid terms” or something.


5 thoughts on “K-ON! 8: Why K-ON Won’t Ever Totally Suck

  1. i told you 100 times that the lakers would win tonight… i dunno why you think they suck.. it was expected. they will win friday night… if they dont, THEN you can say they suck

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