Natsu no Arashi 5: Why Did I Stop Watching This Show???

Holy shit. I had stopped watching Natsu no Arashi after episode 2, but as I catch up to it, I find myself wondering why I ever stopped. If I were to hazard a guess (which I will do right now), then I’d probably say that I was pissed with the quality of the streaming. Well, now I’ve found the torrents and I’m rolling along, and Jesus Christ……I love this show!

Basically, this show is a classic Shaft/Akiyuki Shinbo production. Aka, AWESOME.

I had always thought that the OP was okay, but nothing special, but the more I listen to the more I love it. It’s got a cool, jazzy feel that I don’t get to hear much, what with all the J-Pop OPs and other shit. At least Higashi no Eden threw some Oasis in there to make me happy. Oasis rules kicks major ass.

Exhibit One:

Well, at least you're not a total slut I guess.

I find this funny because I'm an immature pervert! Hooray!

Exhibit Two:

This is a tiny, non-animated model.

This is a tiny, non-animated model overflowing with soda pop.

There’s nothing better than incorporating non-anime material into an anime. It’s just awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. Awesome.

Honestly, this anime is making me realize what a failure Maria + Holic was. Natsu no Arashi triumphs over Maria + Holic. (err……well, a lot of anime triumphs over Maria + Holic). I can’t wait until summer when we get twoShaft/Akiyuki Shinbo shows in the third season of Sayorara Zetsubo Sensei, which, despite somehow not being in my top ten is actually the best show ever, and Bakemonogatari, both of which I will be watching (I won’t be watching much this summer………..I say that now anyway……).


Rizelmine = Final Grade

It’s been a while since I watched an entire show before I reviews it, or marathoned a show for that matter. Rizelmine was 24 episodes, but each episode was quick (only around 14 minutes), so it didn’t take long to finish.


Wtf are you doing you bitch!? Gerr' off me!!

Extremely Quick Plot Description: A 15 year old boy who only likes older (developed) women is forced (by the government) to marry a 13 year old loli girl.

Why is this show good?

  • The first (and foremost) reason is Rie Kugimiya. She was in it, which is the only actual reason why I watched this show.
  • The humor starts off as stupid random humor (the first episode especially), and as the series went on, it developed into mainly sexually oriented humor, all of which I thought was created nicely.


Oh-ho! What's she doing there!?

Oh-ho! What's she doing there!?

Gotcha! She was just mending his pants!

Gotcha! She was just mending his pants!

And of course:

That's right, I'm using this picture again, bitches!

  • The fact that Rizel loves Tomonori (main character) but he seems to hate her, because she is a 13 year old loli, and he isn’t a pedophile, like Ryuunosuke:

Told you.

This dilemma creates some plenty of funny-ness, usually based on sex.

Why does this show suck?

  • First and foremost, the OP gets pretty damn annoying. Although I must admit, it’s still pretty damn catchy.
  • Besides the OP getting on my nerves a bit, Rie Kugimiya’s voice is a bit too high pitched, and caused my ears to bleed several times.

So what did I think? All in all, I enjoyed this series a lot. The humor was right up my ally fucking awesome (it almost reminded me of Inukami! humor), and the general story I thought was put together nicely. I finished it pretty fast (considering that I haven’t had much time for anime lately), and I never got bored of it, therefore I am going to give it a

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (8/8)

I Might Sound Crazy…..but……..

I really need to watch an anime with a good amount of blood.

Some of this would be good......but I already saw this.

No, I’m not a nut-case, I just really need some fuckin blood (that makes me sound sort of psychotic?). Along the lines of:

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
  • Elfen Lied
  • Hellsing
  • Afro Samurai
  • Blood + (I guess, it really wasn’t that bloody)

I mean, seriously, I’ve been watching way too much humor/cutesy bullshit, that I might gouge my eyes out if I don’t get something from the other side of the spectrum soon. I need the violence people! I need the bad ass shit! Gangsta son! Sengoku Basara ain’t doin it, and Hellsing Ultimate OVAs come out way too slowly (although they’re about as good as it gets….the last one was fucking insane). The next one’s slated for what…..December?  I’m pretty sure there’s 3 more that are being made, although I can’t find the source for this (but I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere!). Anyone know of any good anime that fall into this genre? (I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately…..maybe I’m useless?)