Gantz 299

Man, this took me a while to actually get around to reading. Anyway, to re-cap, there are 2 Keis, the real Kei, and the fake one (Fake-K).

Best Manga Ever.

Basically, Fake-K has no choice but to go back and live with Reika, and he tells her that he hates her, and even tries to rape her (I rhymed by accident). As for Reika? We learn that she is a complete PSYCHO:


There’s general love, and then there’s obsession. Reika is kind of like a stalker, except she’s living with the person she’s stalking. Crazy. Anyway, Fake-K takes a walk one day, to meet up with the real Kei. He explains everything, and Kei pretty much tells him “So what? Fuck her!” Fake-K does, and so now Fake-K is pretty much married to Reika, while real Kei is married to Tae (of course none of them are actually married).

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing.

Now, I thought that it was kind of odd how quickly Fake-K got over Tae. One night he’s crying, the next he’s like, “Whatever, I’m with Reika now.”  I guess he’s really good at accepting things…….Fake-K and Real-K need to fight together, I’m literally dying to see that…………..I’m developing cancer to see that.


4 thoughts on “Gantz 299

    • Fake-K doesn’t have a real girlfriend as Tae belongs with real-K, so that makes it even easier! Even the real Kurono wants some of Reika too lol.

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