Nuggets 08-09 Recap

Well the season is over, and the way it ended was pretty pathetic to say the least. The only bright spot in their horrifically one-sided loss to the Lakers was J.R. Smith being nasty. Although our brilliant Coach Karl didn’t feel the need to play him much. Everyone else sucked.

Denver Nuggets

This game 6 showdown was laced with a myriad of poor shot selection, no effort, and the least amount of passing I have ever seen. But, this doesn’t eclipse the fact that the Denver Nuggets had a damn good year, and they certainly built on last year’s team. (But Jesus Christ did they ever suck tonight).

 In my opinion, they have the most talented team in the NBA, they just played really stupid these past two games. One example was the double teams. Did anyone else notice how they never worked ever? If you did, you may have realized that they never worked ever, and mainly led to someone like fucking ARIZA hitting a WIDE OPEN FUCKING THREE. Dumb coaching there.

What do I think about next year? Here are their free agents:

  • Chris Andersen
  • Dahntay Jones (can’t you spell your name normal? Like “Dante”?)
  • Anthony Carter 

I should assume that they would sign Andersen (I really can’t see any reason to let him go at all), and…..well…..fuck it, maybe they’ll sign them all. Frankly, I wouldn’t be sad to see either Carter or Jones go. I mean, Carter is damn good, but he’s not getting any younger, and Jones might be good at defense, but he’s God awful at scoring….yet he still tries for some reason.

In my opinion, they need another big man. If you look at this series, they were outmatched by Bynum, Odom, and Gasol heavily. I mean, Andersen can get a block, but he can’t defend in the post that well, and Nene is nasty, but when he’s up against big competition, well let’s just say he’s no Dwight Howard (no one is really).

I’m just pissed beacause the Nuggets are a much better team then what they showed on the court today. I don’t know if they were tired or what, but they didn’t look like a team that wanted to win. The Nuggets got screwed on a lot of loose ball fouls this series.


7 thoughts on “Nuggets 08-09 Recap

  1. I stopped watching the game in the third. Denver just looked like they were out of it.

    Agreed Denver has got a lot of talent, but they are undisciplined and inconsistent, and some of that is probably due to the coach. Karl is just no match the Dark Lord of the Sith known as Phil Jackson. Nobody really is.

  2. hahahahahahahahha i just re read this… did you really just say the nuggets are the most talented team in the nba???

  3. btw… dont expect the same team next year… the nuggets are almost at the tax line with just JR, melo, billups, nene, martin, and hunter… so they are gonna have to do a lot of trimming. although they will most likely try to resign all the free agents

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