Guest ISSS Review: Queen’s Blade 9: What the F*ckin Sh*t!

Ok, so this is what’s gonna go down.

I, the writer of Refuse To Come Wack, (check it out in the sidebar), am gonna write a review of this episode of Queen’s Blade crazy ass shit.

I will probly make fun of it.

Glo, the writer of Eye Sedso, is gonna write a review of Relapse for my ISSS. This is something so monumental that it can only be done between two ISSS users.

Now that my explanation and blatant, shameless self promotion is done, let’s get this shit started. Just keep the following in mind.

  1. I have no clue what this series is about, although Glo has told me that that doesn’t matter since this show is just a funny piece of shit.
  2. I will probably DEFINITELY make fun of this.
  3. I have a tendency to think of people who watch excessive anime…well…actually any anime that doesn’t involve martial arts fighting or some shit like that (if you’re gonna watch a show, why not watch it on real AMERICAN TV you communists) as weird in general (except for DBZ because that inspired half of my childhood. For the record, though, I’ve only dyed my pubes gold once in an effort to make my male genitalia go super saiyan).


Welp, we haven’t even made it to the title song (I guess it’s supposed to be called the OP or some shit like that) and I’m already laughing. WHO DRAWS THIS SHIT?


Just one question…are the animators of this show obsessed with tits that are so huge they would be of no real use/fun in a real life situation?


Ok well back to the story…apparently, all of these fighter girls are looking for the same weapon seller, but for different reasons…one of them (the one with the fairy friend) needs to repair her sword, the young metal girl that the animators put in to please all you anime babytouchers out there wants to find the alchemist to destroy the weapons and/or buy some new ones, and…well…

Let’s just say they all meet up with the seller at the same time and have one huge gangbang.



Well…actually I may or may have made that very last part up, but you get the jist of it. Onwards.

The girl with the snake coming out of her vagina and the girl you babytouchers probly think is hot both meet Cattleya’s kid at the same time, resulting in this retarded shit which is hilarious, in which some little kid gets squeezed into snaketwat’s tits for no reason other than the fact that most asians are perverted:


Ok…now I see what Eye Sedso means about not putting too many screenshots in…this whole fuckin episode could be a screenshot of something stupid (I’m only 6 minutes in). So, I’ll try and do more dialogue from now on and only throw in some screenshots if somethings REALLLLL stupid.

So then, the angel goes to get goat’s milk and throws a tantrum when she finds out its fruit flavored, and all of a sudden the intimidating snaketwat bitch and cattleya and the girl who got rubbed into snaketwat’s tits are eating dinner. GODDAM do these fuckers have ADD.

After that, some even more random shit happens, where the angel continues looking for goat milk, the girl with the axe has nightmares about snakes, and the animators decide to have the characters talk but instead only draw a picture of a pair of tits rather than their face. I would post a screenshot, but I’m sure anyone who watches this shitshow is used to it already.

Then, they discuss how Cattleya’s husband Chief Owen left her.

Then, some more tits happens….when talking about her sex life, the complications that come with placement of load blowing, and the joys of tittyfucking, they come up with a plan:


OK that didn’t actually happen, but it might as well have. I’m sorry this review is retarded, but hey, a retarded review for a show of such quality.

So after that, the angel basically starts having orgasms in her sleep from dreams of goat milk, and the girl with the axe comes out of the massive RANDOM FUCKIN TOWER she was hiding from the snakes in to challenge Cattleya to a battle, THINKING that she only has shitty weapons.

Cattleya attempts to avoid a fight by basically fingering herself while feeling the Steel Child’s battleaxe, but the Steel Child will not be swayed.

OOPS…I actually started to do a cohesive review, better throw in another fuckin ridiculous screenshots:


Then the episode concludes with the Cattleya’s child she cares so much about being crushed under her mothers unearthly tits.


But not actually. Instead, in a MUCH less interesting sequence, hugetit girl (Cattleya) and To Catch A Predator (Steel Child) decide to fight, and the angel broadcasts it to all of the Queen’s Blade participants. THEN, in literally ONE FUCKIN SWING, the battle is over. They hit weapons and the Steel Child’s axe breaks. REALLY?

Then they all go inside and eat breakfast. FUCKIN SERIOUSLY.

Then, Cattleya repairs all the weapons, and as a final gift, she gives the angel some milk. Not goat milk, though…100% Authentic (Cambodian) Breast Milk. The angel is satisfied.


People actually watch this shit? Actually…instead of writing what I think about this show, I’ll just end with another screenshot.