07 Ghost

Dropped. Why? I just can’t get into it. I watched 6 episodes, but nothing. Who knows, maybe someday, If I’m really really bored, and don’t feel like watching anything else……who am I kidding, I’m never watching this show again.
I have also discovered a certain website and am now happy.


6 thoughts on “07 Ghost

  1. Nah, even I drop shows. Like the new FMA >_< Fail… Or the Mazinger one. Although, for Mazinger, I can understand that not being a fan might have alienated me from what I perceived as totally bizarre. But FMA.. Meh.. What was so wrong with the previous one in the first place? I mean, apparent from Ed being an idiot.

    And I agree with the first comment, real men shouldn't have picked 07 Ghost. Real men watch Queen's Blade, LOL 😛

    • I picked it up without reading up on it. Bad decision.

      As for FMA….it’s like…..weird. I think it will end up being good, but I would’ve rather seen a continuation of the first season (somehow), because I like it when the manga and anime are different….two stories are better than one, or something to that effect. Example: Mai HiME.

      I stopped reading the FMA manga around 44 because I don’t like to know what happens, and the anime follows the manga.

      Queen’s Blade is so shitty that it’s probably one of the best shows this spring. I’m completely serious too.

  2. @ Simply-Bill

    No I knew you weren’t serious, but still, I always used to say “I finish every show to the end, no matter how shitty.” and what you said got me fired up inside…..although now I think I’m still going to keep it dropped.

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