Cowboy Bebop Live Action

I’m sure everyone’s known about this for a while, but it actually just hit me as to how good this anime adaptation could actually be. Before, I was pessimistic about Keanu Reeves playing Spike Spiegel, aka best anime character there is (pretty much). I thought, “Keanu doesn’t really fit the part.” To be honest, the only person I want to associate with Spike is voice actor Steven Blum. Imagine Steven Blum playing Spike. That would rule.

Steve Blum + Spike = No

Errr……never mind. But not hearing Mr. Blum’s great Spike voice is going to be weird, however, tonight I realized that the only person who could pull off Spike Spiegel without a voice other than Mr. Blum is the man who they got to play him: Mr. Keanu Reeves.

Consider this, Keanu Reeves is a good actor, as I have heard again and again and again. He really is. For me, I realized that he could probably pull of Spike really well, after thinking of his greatness in Constintine, where he played another character who constantly smoked.

1. Good with a ciggarette in his mouth? Check.

As you know, however, Spike isn’t a character that can be portrayed by any ramdom chain smoker. He’s got to have a certain aura about him that says: “I rule, and nothing bothers me ever.” So what does Keanu have in his portfolio that can help this? Well, he’s got a lot. I’ll just take the Matrix Reloaded, because that whole trilogy is an ass-kicker of asses. Of course, he was a little bitch during a lot of that movie (only when a scene had Trinity in it. During these scenes, I am reminded of the first half of Shakugan no Shana II). Specifically, I am referring to the scene in the beginning, where the agents come in, and Keanu is just like, “Hello boys.” and promptly beats them to death. If that doesn’t work, check out Speed.

2. Cool under pressure? Check.

“So you’re saying that Spike is a character that smokes and stays cool under pressure? That’s all there is to him?”

Obviously not, dipshit. He also dresses in a suit and has a bad-ass amount of hair wafting around up there. Basically, he’s got a look that says, “I. Am. Awesome.”


Can't get much closer.

Well, he’s pretty much got that down pact. It could be a little bigger though. And he better smile a lot during this film, Spike has that cool smile that says…..well who cares what it says. Also, Keanu’s got a little Asian in him (No, he doesn’t have sex with short, Japanese men), so……I dunno……that’s gotta count for something, right?

3. Awesome look? Half Check. Grow that fro, bro!

I guess I’m pretty excited. I doubt that the movie will be ready by 2010, as filming is just kind of setting off now (kind of). I hope it isn’t ready, anyway, because good movies take more than one year to make. Harry Potter movies take one year to make, and they SUCK (I admit I like have obsessed over the books). Anyway, the movie has the same producer as the Matrix, Erwin Stoff, which is good news, and Sunrise is going to be overseeing it as well, although I don’t see how you can botch it, unless the characters suck, which, as we know now, won’t happen with Spike. And yes, I DID just watch the Cowboy Bebop movie for the first time, which helped inspire this post, along with recent memoirs of Toonami:



A Post About The Single Greatest OP Ever

Is it actually the greatest OP ever? No. Honestly, it’s not even in my Top Ten. But It’s still good enough that I feel it warrants a post. What Op am I referring too?

InuYasha – Hitomi: I Am

Oh, and in case you were curious, here is the FULL SONG, which is YOU MUST LISTEN TO IN ORDER TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS POST (it really kicks up at around 2:46):

Wait, how good is this fucking song? It’s so good, that it even sounds awesome in SPANISH BABY!

Wow, that was great, and I hate the Spanish language, mainly because I got  “D” in that class (I got an “A” in Japanese…..although I don’t know how considering I failed a lot of the tests…).

I used to have this song downloaded, but then my computer crashed, and the 5000 + songs (5422?) that I had went bye-bye. I had I Am rated as a 5 star song, which may not seem like much to you, but I rarely give a song 5 stars. Only songs that I know I won’t ever get sick of get 5 stars (Smash Mouth: All Star is number one in case you were wondering). In other words, less than 2 percent were 5 star songs (about 100 songs). I could listen to this day in and day out, and in my opinion, the OP would have been better, and maybe even cracked my Top Ten, if the just put the full song in, and mixed it with random InuYasha clips. Of course, long OPs aren’t generally popular. Just look at One Piece, whose OPs are now probably 16 minutes long, in which case the only acceptable song would be:

Such a long and awesome song, that it had to be shown in two parts (also a 5 star banger). This conludes a post that got way off topic.