Candy Boy – OVA: Ov[er]

Candy Boy, the lesbionic OVA about two lesbian sisters with financial problems is over. So what did I think? Well, I obviously though it was good enough to warrant a post. It’s not going to be a long one though, I just wanted to state that it was good, enjoyable, and reminded me of why I hate OVAs: They come out miles apart from each other.

Candy Boy


"we may be a shamless couple...."

So here’s the scoop: 2 sisters are away at college, and also happen to be going out with each other, because they’re lesbians. How did I find this show? I think I was on youtube and stumbled across it, and then became taken in by its lesbian tractor beam. But yea, anyway, the ONA (OVA, same fucking thing) focuses on them two and they’re happenings at school. To be honest, it’s kind of boring, but it’s well done, and does a good job at conveying different emotions, especially between the dikey sisters and they’re other, younger, sister, who is jealous of their rug-munchingness.

Best Character: Sakuya. She’s a friend of the two sisters…..sort of. She’s more like a stalker, as she really really want to bump uglies with Kanade. She’s a lesbian stalker, and is awesome. What’s not to like about a lesbian stalking lesbian? I can’t think of anything. And at the end of the final OVA (ONA, same fucking thing) she somehow gets to Kanade/Yuki’s room and:


Yea, she’s crazy. That’s really all I have to say. And in case you were wondering if there was anything “ecchi” in this, I’ll go ahead and post the most amount of sexual touching that you see in the entire episode:


 Any ecchiness would have killed this OVA, so I’m glad they didn’t have any real fanservice (like tits all over). Oh, so yea, I usually don’t give out grades for OVAs, I usually just include them with the series they go with, but if they aren’t an OVA to a series, like this one, then I guess I should grade. Candy Boy gets a

FINAL GRADE = 5 (5/7)

Have I been rating out of 8? Am I retarded?


4 thoughts on “Candy Boy – OVA: Ov[er]

  1. Sakuya is a lesbian of the highest caliber. The twins are also cool. But the little sister needs to stop cockblocking the twins. Perhaps there’s a specialized lesbian term for cockblocking of which I am unaware.

  2. this series was… nice… it WAS pretty boring.. but the characters were good enough to keep me interested

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