Pandora Hearts 9: Late Post

I plan on making a review on 10 right after this. I should just combine them, but I’m really dumb, so that’s not gonna happen. Anyway, this will be short:

Echo is Awesome


This show can do no wrong when it comes to character design. Echo is probably my second favorite character in the show, next to Alice, who is awesome. A typical “Nagato” type character, I find Echo freaking cool beacuse:

  • She looks freaking cool.
  • She is nasty at fighting.
  • She does’t turn into a stupid looking rabbit monster.
  • She talks in that way that reminds me of Nagato from Haruhi.
  • Her name is ECHO. That’s a fucking cool name.

Pandora Hearts is amazing.

Told you it’d be short.

What is Wrong With Me?

Number 26 all time? What was I thinking?

Yea this post had no real point, but I posted it around 3 in the morning so I doubt anyone will read it anyway. Next post will most likely be about a certain movie that may have influenced my new banner.