Star Trek: Not Anime, Not Bad.

I just saw the movie todayyesterday. Now I was never a really big Star Trek fan, although as a kid I watched a lot of both the original series and Star Trek: Generations, which was better, because it had Patrick Stewart, who is awesome, and plays voices in anime such as Steamboy, which was awesome. The reason for me watching these shows was because my dad had control of the remote, so what he watched, I watched, I was a little fucking kid.

Star Trek


Only picture I could find of the New Star, I didn't look especially hard.

What. The fuck. This movie was insanely awesome. It’s overall awesomnesscan hang with the likes of Transformers, which was equally as awesome. I mean, I expected it to have great special effects, but it surpassed my expectations withthat even. There was one thing, and one thing only, that was wrong with this movie: The TIME TRAVEL. The writers completely ignored the actual laws of time travel, talking about “changing the past” and “creating alternate realities by changing the past”. None of that can happen. You can’t go back in time and prevent the Twin Towers from falling (sadly), because we know today that on Sept. 11th, they fell, so even if you go back in time, they’re still going to fall. You can’t create an “alternate reality” that’s not how time works (of course, time doesn’t really even exist, except as a measurement). You know what…..don’t get me started. The Time Travel was slightly skewed, but even with that, this movie kicked serious, hardcore ass.

Casting:Could never be done better. Every part was perfectly played and awesome. I loved Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto, Heroes). Scotty (Simon Pegg, Shaun of the Dead)and Bones (Karl Urban) were other stand outs. They were phenomenal.  I also liked seeing Leonard Nimoy play old Spock. That was great.

Star Trek References:

  • I was glad to see Pike in this movie, who was the capt. in the first 2 episodes of the original series, until William Shatner busted in and decided to become famous (I can’t remember who originally played Pike, but sucked to be that guy).
  • Bones:  “I’m a doctor not a physicist!”
  • Scotty: “I’m giving it all she’s got captain!”

These guys played the characters perfectly. I mean. perfectly.Especially Zachary Quino as Spock, although that opinion could be bias, as I loved him in Heroes.

What if I hate Star Trek? Will I still like this movie?

No, you will love it. I saw it with someone who knows nothing about Star Trek, and he loved it. I’ll be the first to admit that the Star Trek Series was corny and dumb (yet strangely entertaining at times), but this movie makes Star Trek actually seem cool. It’s probably the most action packed movie made in decades. There was rarely a dull moment, from Child-Kirk driving his step-dad’s car which he stole) off a cliff, to skydiving from space, it’s all action, and no sappy-ness. There’s maybe one serious talk, between Spock and his father, which only lasts a minute.

Winona Ryder is hot, even when she looks old. Hell yea Winona.

9 out of 10 stars (no 10 because they bungled Time Travel).


8 thoughts on “Star Trek: Not Anime, Not Bad.

    • Yea I know, my friend Matt actually hit me when he came on the screen and then started laughing too. I thought he did pretty good in the role though. The whole cast was like a band of mis-fit actors and actresses, but they came together perfectly, which is almost the same for the characters that they played, who were all random people, who came together to make a nasty crew. Holy shit what an awesome analogy. I kick ass.

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