Queen’s Blade 10: I Don’t Care What Happened, Reina Still Sucks

So, Reina is now good at fighting, whoop dee doo. She still sucks, and I still hate her. I mean, just look at her stupid hair and retarded armor. Way too much skin is being covered by that armor. Jesus Christ. Let’s take a look at her progression from “shit” to “the shit”.


Here, we see her challenge Ritsu to a fight, and get shit on immediately, in one  hit.

Reina is the butt of everyone's jokes.


It seems that in order to get nasty at fighting, all one needs is a good, old fashioned raping:


Sure there's easier ways of covering yourself with protective sap, but this way is much more fun.

Yea so let me explain the picture above. Slutty Snake Lady got a bunch of tree sap and is covering Reina and herself with it. It will harden and act as “super armor”, so that they can try and kill each other, but no one will get hurt. In the world of Queen’s Blade, the most efficient way to cover oneself with this sap is to wrestle in it, naked, with someone else, naked.

The Shit (but still shitty):


Okay, so she beat The Slutty Snake Lady. Nice going, whore with pigtails. I still hate you. Now, Reina is ready to face Risty in a battle. At least that’s what you think, until Queen’s Blade surprises everyone with an actual TWIST! NO WAY A TWIST! (It’s not worthy of a BAM moment, but it was still unexpected). Claudia fucking kills Risty! (she better be dead, or I’ll feel cheated) Surpriseee!!!!!

For once, I will actually ROOT for Reina to win! Because Claudia is even stupider of a character. That whole family is stupid (except for the lesbian sister, who is awesome).

And so ends another episode of Queen’s Blade, the best show ever. (that was obvious sarcasm, but this episode was actually pretty good).

4 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade 10: I Don’t Care What Happened, Reina Still Sucks

    • Exactly. Why else do you think people always stop at car washes where there are girls washing cars with skimpy swimsuits and large breasts? It’s because their cars get clean in no time, thanks to the large hooters.

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