Natsu no Arashi 10: Now the Kid Understands

It was pissing me off before, how sometimes this show followed the rules of time and sometimes it didn’t (I bet you’re tired of hearing me talk about this shit). Now, however, the kid’s got it right:




Woo-hoo Hajime got it! The show is back to having no faults! Honestly, I don’t get why this show isn’t a hit. I find it to be a very good show. I mean, the character designs kind of weirded me out at first, but I like them now. And the animation is good, and the story/plot is very good too. As for this episode, seeing as it’s the end of the season and the show is winding down, the last episodes, this episodes, and the next episodes are all following a continuous plot. Actually, the whole show actually follows a continuous plot (everything is important, except the guy who wants salt).

Natsu no Arashi offers so much, yet most bloggers/veiwers/people just don’t like it for whatever reason. Maybe they’re just not as awesome as I am. Maybe this just seems like a masterpiece to me after Maria + Holic (which wasn’t good, but really wasn’t that horrible. I mean, I’ve seen plenty worse and plenty stupider). Natsu no Arashi isn’t the best anime of the season, but it’s a good watch.

If you don’t like Natsu no Arashi, I will fight you while we don huge sumo wrestling suits.

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