The Search Post Episode 1

I’m going to start something new. I’m going to just try it out, but it’s very amusing to me, and who knows, maybe you find the same things on your wordpress blog, as I do on my wordpress blog ISSS.

Basically, every once in a while, I like to look at what people search for on my site, mainly because there are always a few really funny searches. That’s right, this is the inaugural Search Post!


Compared to other searches I’ve seen, this one isn’t as bad. The stand outs in this list would have to be “man suking on mans penis“, not only because it’s fucking gay, but also because some dumb-ass doesn’t know how to spell “sucking”. Not only that, but you forgot to incoperate the apostraphe in the “mans” to show the sense of belonging.

Whose penis? Man’s penis.

Yea, you’re a real winner you dumb fuck. I just hope it’s not one of my friends that searched for that.

Another one would be “vigina body art“. Way to go on the spelling “vagina” dipshit. Maybe he realized his (or her) mistake and typed in “body paint vagina“. The funny thing is, I actually have a body paint vagina on this site. (one of the pics ain’t working. Damn, good thing I don’t link my pictures anymore, and I’m not going to fix it either).

NOTE: I fixed the broken link anyway.

Recognize yours? Feel free to point it out!

17 thoughts on “The Search Post Episode 1

  1. ive noticed that a lot of ppl are searching for an anime character followed by “porn” and getting to mine… very very wierd

  2. The only interesting thing about my search logs is seeing whether baka raptor beats baka-raptor. Yesterday baka raptor won 10-4. Today baka-raptor is winning 10-5.

  3. No, the best part about the ‘man suking on mans penis’ thing is that it didn’t just bring one person to your site – it brought two.

    My favorite search term from the past few days was ‘fantasy stories of male sexual coersion’. That or ‘more corn hentai’. I get a lot of hits for variations of ‘manly tears’, though.

  4. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA I’m not sure if this is the same for everyone, but the first randomly related post to this is

    “Dicks: broken, malformed, or just hanging out”

  5. @ oballer: I wouldn’t really call that weird, as much as I’d call it perverse. Considering that half of all anime watchers probably dabble in animated pornography, better known as “hentai” (stats pulled out of my ass), I’d say it’s more common then weird. I guess it would just seem weird to us common folk who are plenty satisfied with the 3-D, non-fake version of the female figure.

    @ Baka- Raptor: Well aren’t you fuckin popular. lol.

    @ hiphopprevuebangout: Your name is too long, but you make several funny observations. Thanks for that random email of your search box. I’m glad to see that someone found your site by typing in “girl shitting on dick”, “bizzare insert pussy” and “super head sucking dick.”

    @ adaywithoutme: haha I didn’t even notice that! Should I consider that awesome? I don’t even know.

    “more corn hentai”…..hahahaha wtf?

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