First Impressions Are Pointless


For me they are at least. My first impression of almost every anime is:

Holy shit this anime is going to kick ass!!!

Half the time, I’m right. Half the time, I’m wrong. And the other half, the anime is somewhere in between good and bad. That’s three halves people. I’m not fucking around here.

One episode is never enough to be able to tell where an anime is going, and considering that I think every show is good by the first episode, they really are pointless.

I just wanted to say that. This post is pretty much as pointless as a first impressions post.


Since I certainly don’t want to die, let me attempt to elaborate, using an example:

Let’s take a show like Asura Cryin’.

My first impressions of this show concluded that it would be the best show of the year, that it had great animation, and looked to be all together a favorite of my specific tastes. In other words, my first impressions were the same for this show as they were for pretty much every other show.

As I watch the series, I have learned that the animation absolutely sucks, the plot is still unclear to me (something to do with ghosts and magic machines), and the show as a whole is not really that good. So what did first impressions provide me with? Absolutely nothing.

I may drop Asura Cryin’. I’ll give it 2 more episodes to wow me. Also, what ever happened to Sengoku Basara? They don’t sub that anymore? I’ve lost a lot of interest in that too.

This post was the worst I have written. I should just delete it.


7 thoughts on “First Impressions Are Pointless

  1. @ simplybill: yellow pad is key-code for fucking pimpin.

    @ TJ: Yes. Pretty much, first impressions posts are fillers. And in my case, the audience can laugh at me all day with the shit that I give good scores to.

    “Asura Cryin’: I predict the best anime of the year”— NO. VERY WRONG.

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