To LOVE-Ru OVA 2: Really?

So Mikan gets pissed at Rito and Lala for messing the house up. Rito goes to apologize and accedentily walks in on her changing, and she gets even more pissed and leaves the house. Now, Rito and Lala are left with two choices:

  1. Do the sensible, most obvious thing, and simply wait till she comes home to apologize to her.
  2. Chase her and search for her frantically as if her life was in danger, in order to apologize to her.

Now, what do you think Rito and Lala decided to do?

Why so serious? It's not like Mikan's life is in danger.

Why so serious? It's not like Mikan's life is in danger.

Of course they chase after her, because neither Rito nor Lala have a shred of common sense in them whatsoever. Another stupid plot for To LOVE-Ru. It’s a good thing that I have accepted the fact that stupid plots and To LOVE-Ru walk together hand in hand, otherwise I’d hate this show. So they go off chasing Mikan, and run into several obstacles that all end with Rito getting his ass kicked for “being perverted”. Come on ladies, it’s obvious that he’s not trying to grab your tits. Give the guy a break! Stop being bitches!

Anyway, this was an okay episode, but kind of generic To LOVE-Ru fan-service stupidness. I mean. I liked the first season a good amount (I felt that it got funnier with each episode), but if they make a second season, which I’m assuming they will, then I’m not sure I can put up with this kind stupidness. I probably can.

Anyway, I will part with this screen shot, of an awesom Kill Bill referrence from the episode:

She's the crazy 16 year old who's name escapes me, despite the fact that I've seen Kill Bill around 10 times.

"It looks like I'm the one penetrating you!"

This post was a lot better than my last one, although the last one was so bad and dumb that it wasn’t hard to do.


2 thoughts on “To LOVE-Ru OVA 2: Really?

  1. It was decent for a To-Love-Ru episode, or merely tolerable if it was any other anime. The first OVA was better.

    Regarding the last pic, is it a Kill Bill reference, or it is a reference to something that Kill Bill got that idea from lol?

    • I just know that it’s from Kill Bill. Character Gogo Yubari…..of course, Kill Bill does take ideas from a lot of shit, like Game of Death (yellow and black jumpsuit) and Lady Snowblood (the line “Do I look like someone you’ve killed?” and the plot of revenge specifically for O’ Ren Ishii’s animated subplot/backstory) especially.

      Lady Snowblood was the biggest influence for Kill Bill. It was a good set of movies too (there were two if I’m remembering correctly). Way to make me go off on a tangent of Kill Bill. Jesus Christ.

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