Top EDs of Spring 09

I made this as a draft when I put out my Top OPs of Spring, but never got around to posting it, and forgot about it. Then I found it. If you are reading this, then you might be able to view my top EDs of the Spring season, but that only if you read the full post.

To reiterate my set up, I don’t necessarily take the top 5 or so, I just take all of the ED’s that are worthy of being talked about, and stamp them with this shit:

Song Rank. Anime Title – Band/Singer Name: Song Name

That’s how I display them. For the record, I love OPs, but EDs usually aren’t as good in my opinion. Here’s all the ones that actually don’t suck.

6. Pandora Hearts – Savage Genious: Maze

I don’t know if the name is right, but I used to just not listen to this song. Then one day I did. It’s a great ED. Great great great. I don’t have much to say about EDs, really. Either they’re good, or they aren’t. Pandora Hearts is one of the best shows of the season, and the OP is not really that great (says me), but the ED is awesome.

5. Higashi no Eden – School Food Punishment: Futuristic Imagination

Higashi no Eden knows how to make great OPs and EDs, apparently. The OP is the best of the Spring (fact). And the ED is pretty damn good too. Nice.

4. Natsu no Arashi! – Ryoko Shiraishi: Kirari Futari

Starts off with that “surfer” kind of music, and then gets great. SHAFT = GREAT. Nothing more to say.

3. Hayate no Gotoku!! – Shizuka Ito with Eri Nakao, Sayuri Yahagi, & Masumi Asano: Honjitsu, Mankai Watashii Iro!

So what’s so great about this ED? Well besides the fact that it’s centered around Hinagiku, who should be a lesbian, The two double-takes in the beginning are retardedly stupid, in an awesome kind of way. Also, the song is pretty damn cool. Also, it’s fuckin Hayate, great fuckin show.

2. K-ON! – Sakurakou K-ON bu: Don’t Say “Lazy”

K-ON = Good Music, Poor Actual Show

Despite what I believe to be a poorly animated ED, I still give it the two spot because it’s got a damn good song. Hey, fuck you okay?

1. Asura Cryin’ – Angela: Link

Maybe the best ED ever. How can you listen to this and not be like, hypnotised by it’s tremendous awesomeness, and amazingly stunning singing. Especially when the drums kick in and it becomes a powerful explosion of a song. I downloaded it, because it was so good (I didn’t really, but I want to, and once I find it, I’m getting it, and blasting it daily).

And that’s not all. The animation is rather simple, but couldn’t be better to fit the song. Awesome colors in the sky. I love it. Angela is outstanding as a singer.

Did I miss anything? (I only judged from shows I actually watch this time, because I’m a lazy piece of [fecal matter])


4 thoughts on “Top EDs of Spring 09

  1. Oh lol. I was wondering what your #1 would be.

    I never watched the Asura Cryin’ ED, though I’d still put HnG’s ED way above it! :p

  2. “1. Asura Cryin’ – Angela: Link
    Maybe the best ED ever.”

    Ha! You’re kidding right? It’s OK, but from this season alone I’d but Eden of the East’s and K-ON!’s EDs ahead of it.

  3. @ The Naysayers:

    More reasons why this is my favorite ED of the season (at least):

    1. Awesome colors. Red, Blue, and especially Purple happen to me my favorite colors, and they’re all faded together into one awesome looking sky.
    2. This song is powerful. Not only that, but it isn’t J-Pop or something of that sort. Those drums dude……I love it.
    3. First time I heard it, crapped my pants, and jizzed all over the place by accident. That has to count for something, right? (I actually had one more reason why I liked it, but I forgot. I’m pretty sure it was important too, but oh well).

    Jesus Christ this song is so good.

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