Queen’s Blade: Let the Magic Continue

They’re making another season. This is certainly good news, as Queen’s Blade is easily the most well written show of the season, and has been applauded for it’s unique storyline and minimal amount of fanservice.

Good, clean, family fun!

Good, clean, family fun!

“What’s good about Queen’s Blade,” said director Kinji Yoshimoto through an interpretter, “is that it can be viewed by all ages, and doesn’t have to stoop to low levels of showing off fanservice like many other shows are doing now.”

Considering that the current season has already been aclaimed by many as the best in years, this news comes as no surprise to the enormous following it has already produced.

“I watch Queen’s Blade mainly for it’s story,” said self-proclaimed #1 Queen’s Blade fan Mike OBrien, “sometimes, the story is so moving, that I am brought to silent tears. And I’m probably not the first to admit that during the episode where Reina get’s her sword fixed, I was wailing and sobbing by the time it was finished. So yea, you can say I’m pretty excited for the new season.”

So far, it looks like Queen’s Blade is becoming an anime for the record books, and the question of whether or not Queen’s Blade can continue it’s stellar writing and imaginitive plot schemes seems all but garanteed for the second season.

5 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade: Let the Magic Continue

  1. @ oballer: I only write truth.

    @ Baka-Raptor: It’s a day that brought joy to many.

    @ simplybill: I only write lies.

    @ TJ: Definitely. It gets the record for anime that most closely resembles softcore porn without actually being softcore porn.

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