The Apocolypse is Apon Us

Has anyone heard of this bullshit? Apparently some stuck up, snobby teen bitch got an award for texting. WHO THE FUCK GIVES OUT 50,000 DOLLARS FOR TEXTING??????

People wonder why our economy sucks. It’s all because of people who look to exploit things in order to make a quick buck. I bet that the whole premise behind the movie Idiocracy comes true. I pray that I don’t live that long, because the world gets stupider as I age…..I mean, $50,000, for FUCKING TEXTING??? HOW ABOUT YOU TEACH OR SOMETHING? DO SOMETHING THAT FUCKING MATTERS! THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT.

I’m not knocking the girl who won….I mean it’s not her fault that this whole planet is retarded. I’m just pissed that she was given more than some teachers, and many other hard workers, make in a whole fucking year for doing something as fucking stupid as texting. What. The. Fuck.


6 thoughts on “The Apocolypse is Apon Us

  1. actually our economy sucks because of credit

    however this is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen…. in a fit of rage i just stabbed a fork in my eye…. the only plus is now i wear an eye patch… my depth perception is a lil off though….

  2. @ Cello: Cell phones don’t exist anymore.

    @ fangzhao: I cried.

    @ thehiphoprevuebangout: Not even close. But anyone who lets
    the game play for them is a tremendous faggot/pussy/fuckass.

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