We Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Japan.

These subtitles are obviously fake, but this has got to be the funniest thing that I’ve seen ever. The last time I saw this video was around a year or two ago, and today I re-discovered it and laughed my ass off.

Here’s the actual subtitles just in case you’re curious (I was, because I need to understand them in order to learn how to poop).

Lol. I don’t know what’s funnier, the video or the fact that I actually typed in “poop” in google.

The voices sound very familiar to me. Maybe I’m just delusional…


4 thoughts on “We Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Japan.

  1. hey man, great stuff, quick question tho, how in the world do i get a picture as my ‘header-banner’ and little tabs for navigation under it and things to the side, i can’t find them.

    Anyways, check out http://www.wix.com/bulltrue/anime

    getting a true domain soon.

  2. @ Mr. Black: Yea they’re both pretty funny.

    @ finalanimestop: Hmmm, well I know on wordpress it just depends on your theme layout, and then you can choose new headers in the “appearance” section. It’s really easy. Little tabs are just titled as “pages”. However, this is only on wordpress, I don’t know about anything else. That’s about the best I got for you.

    I determined that your site is awesome by the first post I saw. I subscribed. I might add you to my blogroll if I get around to it, but I never use my blogroll so don’t feel bad if your not there (fuck it I’ll do it now).

  3. Hey man, thanks alot! And I’ll definitely add you to my blogroll too when everything gets setup. Still trying to figure out some blogging formatting tho. After I do, everything will be up n’ running VERY soon. And oh, I JUST got the check to update my site to a legit domain. Hopefully my parents won’t say something dumb like, “noooo, save it.” And oh, I updated the site again actually. After I get all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff figured out, it’ll be content alllll the way!
    – check me out one more time @ http://www.wix.com/bulltrue/anime

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