K-ON: Final Episode/Series Review

I could say a billion thing that would describe this show. I could say a billion things, but fortunately, being the masterly writer that I am, I was able to group the entire series into one, simple word:


K-On was forced. Was it good? Not especially. Was it bad? I wouldn’t go that far Yes. Was it fake? Completely. The episode 12 review will be included here somewhere in case you’re curious about how I, the legend himself, felt about it.



I started watching K-ON with high hopes, hopes that, through the first 5 episodes, were being satisfied. However after episode 5, it pulled a stock market and kept going down. Let me draw you a graph of K-ON episodes:

A great graph.

I was very generous at the end.

So then, judging by this graph, K-ON fell short of my expectations, which, I’ll admit, were never really that high, but they weren’t that low. I guess I expected a solid 5, maybe even a 5*. It didn’t really fall that short of my expectations yes it did even though the graph makes it appear like it did cuz it did, K-ON was shit.

Honestly, this show could’ve kicked ass been better if:

  1. They weren’t as repetitive with the eating/drinking tea/dressing up, every single episode. I didn’t like that.
  2. Explore the lesbianistic opportunities that Mugi has! Please!
  3. I won’t say less moe, because moe was pretty much the reason for this show, but yea……less moe.
  4. They needed more of this:
You could've been great, you know.

This was the best clip of the show.

Sawako Sensei was in one episode as far as I’m concerned, and that was episode 5. And that was the best/only good episode. Then they made her character completely boring and dumb for the rest of the show. Too bad. Also, as stated before, K-ON was forced. Here’s why:

  • Mio. They forced a million personalities into her small, animated body, and while occasionally it was amusing (like in the final episode when she started dressing other people up. That was cool), but for the most part, it was just so forced and fake that I couldn’t accept her as a real character.
  • All of the drama during the last two episodes, which, I’ll admit, I thought were brilliant when compared to the shit in the middle of the show. (examples later on in this post)
  • There’s more I’m sure but I don’t want this post to be longer than it already is going to be (which is fucking too long)

Best Character: Ritsu

Worst Character: Mio (That’s right, I said Mio. Don’t like it? Here are my balls. Lick them with pride, Mio lovers).

One thing that I absolutely LOVED was the fact that the show started off with Yui running and slipping (in her house) to get to the entrance ceremony, and ended with her running and slipping (in her house) to get to the performance. I loved that. However, when she was “talking to herself of the past” I felt like it was incredibly corny and stupid. And then she started crying on stage? Give me a fucking break. Jesus Christ I hate Yui got stupider and more easy to hate as the show progressed.

At least, Fuwa Fuwa Time was a good song (except for the really annoying chorus….actually, the more I listen to it, the shittier it gets, which is kind of the same with K-ON in general), even with the retard Yui singing it. God she’s dumb.

Before I give my final grade, here’s episode 10 (wow I’m really forcing some anticipation here huh?)

K-ON Episode 12

Just a few screenshots/thoughts:


So that we can add some forced drama/anticipation to our series finale.

The drama at the end was forced, but in all, I thought that the end was a lot better than the other bullshit they forced in my face throughout this crap-tastic voyage.

Seep? Wait, you still wet the bed? Is that what you meant by "seep"?

Seep? Wait, you still wet the bed? Is that what you meant by "seep"?

It doesn’t bother me when subbers make a mistake. In fact, I kind of like it. It’s the same as when actors make mistakes on Saturday Night Live, they always make the show better. I mean, if the subs are really bad then that’s another thing.

So. Most people will look at the beginning and end, and forget all the shit in between. If you were to do that with K-ON, then you might have a decent show. However, I never forget the bullshit in between, so K-ON, barely scrapes by with a low


I gave Fruits Basket a 3, and since Fruits Basket was worse than this, I can’t give K-ON a 3. Fruits Basket is one of the worst shows ever made. It was sofa king boring ad shitty and ba-


7 thoughts on “K-ON: Final Episode/Series Review

  1. Last episode was fine enough. Not enough to the point where it absolved the rest of the episodes of all the crap we had to sit through though. One of my big issues was that they recycled far too many of their plot points. One person getting sick was OK, but to do that to two characters? Two beach house episodes? A billion tea drinking points? Well, at least it’s close to over…

  2. @ Baka-Raptor: Oh it’s coming, I need to make it not suck though.

    @ Kairu: I think everyone was disappointed at the wasted lesbionistic opportunities of Mugi.

    @ oballer: Is there a fuckin ECHO IN HERE?

    @ Mr. Black: Good choice.

    @ Moonlily: The beach house episodes especially. I don’t care that the episodes were about nothing, but at least make each one different.

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