Higashi no Eden: Finale/Series Review

WTF? Only 11 episodes? Ah, but there are TWO movies planned, which is incredibly awesome, because they are going to rule.

Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East)

Higashi no Eden

And so ends another great show. The only thing wrong with it was it’s length, but as I stated before, with 2 movies coming out, that will change. The first of these movies comes out in November, which is great because that’s when my birthday is (not that that makes a difference at all). Basically, in a nutshell, this anime was fucking brilliant. Fuck yea.


No, I’m not gonna do any bullets, because I don’t want to. Jesus Christ I’ll do bullets.

  • The animation was stellar. Like, really stellar (not as good as Basquash, but pretty damn good).
  • The OP was one of the best that I’ve seen (it had FUCKING OASIS in it). The ED as well proved to be one of the better ones that I have seen, but a series isn’t based on the credits, so this isn’t really tremendously important (it is to me though, so fuck it).
  • The characters ruled heavy, Takizawa is the FUCKING MAN.
  • They took something serious, like saving Japan, and made it a fun game, (where the loser dies). I feel like this could be a good way to solve many problems. For example:

I don’t like school, so give me 10 billion dollars and let me reform school until I like it. I mean, sure that would never happen, but it’s something I everyone would like to do. Yes, I was kind of being sarcastic with the idea that the game premise of Eden would work for everything. Just kind of.

  • The way that things unfold are AWESOME. Example:

Probably the best episode that shows the point that I’m trying to make is when Takizawa is trying to rescue whom he believes to be Ohsugi, and he and XI are going back and forth, attempting to stop each other, and utilizing Juiz the whole way. I loved that. For the record, Juiz whether she be a computer or whatever, is a really awesome character, despite never seeing her (or it). She (or it) takes care of business like nothing, and I’m pretty sure that everyone would love to have her on the other end of the line any day.



Oh there were some cons, believe you me, the biggest one being length, the only other one being the overuse of variations of the word: Johnny. Do you really have to call every penis you see a Johnny? Come to think of it, why were all of those NEETS naked in the first place? Wtf?

Episode 11 Final

I’m sure that a lot of people will be saying that the ending was “anti-climactic” and shit, but I honestly loved the ending. Also, here is an awesome PUN from the episode (you know I love a good pun…..fuck I love the bad ones too)


Ohsugi just did something that I guess was heroic (saving the computer). He is also naked, minus the yellow jacket. You can see his balls.....get it?

It’s also kind of gay, without being gay, so it wins.

I’m assuming that you’ve seen this episode since you’re reading a review on it, so I’ll just say that Takizawa decides to become King of Japan with his money. Yes it’s corny as fuck, and also the most obvious thing to do (could’ve just done it from the beginning), but I thought it was awesome, and sets up for the first movie nicely.

I definitely did not do the show justice with this lackluster review, but I don’t care, because as far as I’m concerned, the story isn’t over, so this is more like a mid-way review. Considering that the series was still really fucking good though, I’ll dish out a


Looking forward to the movies, which will most likely kick ass.


6 thoughts on “Higashi no Eden: Finale/Series Review

  1. The animation was stellar. Like, really stellar (not as good as Basquash, but pretty damn good).

    Really? I thought that Basquash, though it has some brilliant CG, has gone through bouts of horrible art and animation recently. In the most recently subbed episode (11), there’s a scene where Dan dribbles a ball simply by waving his hand up and down, rather than curling his hand up to push the ball down. D:<

    An example dragged up from SanCon.

  2. just a side note… we did see Juiz… she was that computer thingy they were all standing over in ep… 10 i believe

  3. this ending has left me pretty frustrated. This means that i’ll have to wait for like….a year.
    The subs for the movie won’t come out until after around 6 months. WTF am i gonna do till then!?!?!……

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