Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (2009) 2: odfihjgodfsgd

What!? I couldn’t think of a title, what do you people want from me!? It honestly doesn’t matter what the title is anyway, as long as it has “Haruhi” in it, everyone’s going to shit their pants to read it. Here, it’s the second episode of the new season, or something (I’m still confused as to what exactly this is).

This episode was a lazy summer, summed up in, well… episode (I fucking suck at writing, huh?). In other words, this episode had a lot of pointless shit smashed into 24 minutes.

Basically, Haruhi wants to do a myriad of summer activities, and so they do them. Yee-haa. Unimpressed. That’s right, unimpressed. This boring episode was boring. Do you want to know what part stood out for me the most?

It's not even funny, really.

More than anything, this episode pissed me off, because right now it’s summer, and I want to do all of these things, but I know I’m not going to, because I’m broke, don’t start work for another fucking 2 weeks, am broke, no one is actually going to want to do these things (I admit I don’t want to catch bugs…..I’m not a Pokemon Trainer from Viridian Forest you know), it’s going to rain non-stop for the next week and a half, and I’m broke. Although I have been playing a lot of basketball, soccer, and especially, WIFFLEBALL, the sport of CHAMPIONS. Let me explain how I play wiffleball.

  1. 1 vs 1
  2. Ghost runners
  3. You run the play out
  4. Baseball rules

We play like men here in Southington. We don’t play the lazy way. There’s no “Oh ground ball is out”, fly ball here is a double, fly ball here is a homer”. That’s called batting practice you lazy fuck. That’s not fun at all.

Anyway, back to Haruhi:

I'm stupid.

I'm stupid.

What the fuck am I doing with this post? I mean. What the fuck am I doing….with…..this……post? Anyone? Well whatever. Here’s the bottom line:

This episode made me jealous, because I want to fuck around all day, but can’t (wait, I do fuck around all day, don’t I?). Errr….uhhh….here, look at the new OP:

The new opening is good, because it has really cool colors, and I like them.

(I hope this post was a shitty as I tried to make it, thank you for wasting your time here, I’ll never make a post this bad again, I promise).


8 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (2009) 2: odfihjgodfsgd

  1. @ Netto: Those bug catchers always annoyed me. They were everywhere, and they sucked but they still poisoned or paralyzed all my pokemon.

    @ Nyarth: 69’s the position, YOUR MOUTH’S FULL BABY HUH?

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