Hayate no Gotoku!! 12: Best Hayate Moment Ever?

This episode was rolling right along in becoming yet another satisfyingly awesome episode of Hayate no Gotoku, until the amazing happened. Hinagiku, who is awesome, but not as awesome as Maria (who is most awesome), got to her birthday and did something awesome. By the way, I love the word, “awesome”. Anyway, this was completely unexpected by me (because I’m not dumb, and avoided anything related to the episode), and took me by surprise. To be truthful, I had heard the awesome event in question, but I didn’t realize it was from an episode. To be truthful again, this was a BAM moment, because this made me sit up in my chair and mutter, “Holy shit, this is fucking awesome.”

Oh hewww yeaaaaa!

Okay so if you don’t know this song, you’re a fucking idiot, or you don’t like anime, in which case, you’re a fucking idiot (get it?) and I secretly and/or non-secretly hate you. Here is Hinagiku singing it:

Now, if you still don’t know what this song it, not only are you still a fucking idiot, but you’re also a fucking idiot. Here is the actual song/OP to Neon Genesis Evangelion, which was a good series, but I honestly didn’t like the end (I still have to watch those two movies and want to see them really bad. Also, there’s what, two more movies coming out? Or was it 4? Maybe it was 4 total, I don’t know, but I want to watch them. What was I doing? Oh yea:

Jesus Christ this should be in my top ten OPs. Maybe. If not, then at least top 15. Whatever, back to the epsiode:

Have I mentioned yet that she sings really good?

Err, yea, I already made the point that her singing was good. I believe the words used were, “awesome”. But you know what else was awesome? While she was singing, Hayate was running through the crowd of people wearing a mini skirt and it was comically dramatic and exceptionally brilliant. Wow I’m on this episode’s dick. Okay, time to talk negatively about this episode:

I would call you a homo, but you're actually just a really dumb straight dude.

Who the fuck is this fag? Okay back to the greatness of the episode:

Holy shit, IZUMI is awesome.

I stated last time that Izumi needed her own episode. Now I want one even more. I also may have caused confusion, but that’s explained below.

It's about time.

Some random girl, who I think was just added to the show, became a hostage, and Hayate went to save her. I’m not really sure who she is though, because she hasn’t really been in any episodes so far, but anyway, she got a fair amount of screen time, and was generally awesome. Actually, she was kind of a huge bitch.

Oh, it's Nagi!

A huge bitch. I mean, one guy did something to Hayate, and then she met the doll dude who put the curse on Hayate in the first place.

Holy shit, don't get on her bad side.

I don't know why he was there, but it was pretty dumb of him.

So yea, Nagi ruled. She was vintage, and this made me happy. It also ended with sort of a cliff hanger.


First of all, Hina, you are a lesbian. Stop showing interest in Hayate. You know what? I’m done here. I didn’t even want to write a post about this episode, and I wouldn’t have either, if it had not been for that stupid, fuckin awesome song sequence, and what’s worse, now that song is stuck in my fucking head.

NOTE: I listened to the Hinagiku version of Cruel Angel’s Thesis on repeat for the last 20 minutes? I think that it’s better than the original version, just because. Oh, and by the way…FUCK YOU.

ANOTHER NOTE: In my last Hayate post, I spelled Isumi’s name Izumi, which is name of a character from Hayate who needs an episode devoted to her and her only, as farther illustrated by this episode. The reason for this bungle was because THEY’RE NAMES ARE TOO FUCKING SIMILAR.


3 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku!! 12: Best Hayate Moment Ever?

  1. I realised that Isumi and Izumi’s name were both similar for over a year now… But I wondered that if they both ever had met face to face before…

  2. Hina singing Cruel Angle’s Thesis is by far the best piece of anime ive seen in a long long time… that was so awesome

  3. That gay fag is Izumi’s twin brother.

    And continuing, the show continues its greatest while the show will end the fabulous Hinagiku birthday arc next episode. Now, time to move on into NIshizawa arc.

    You only listened in Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Hina ver) in 20 minutes? I’ve listened to the whole CD track for more than 10 times already… And I play Cruel Angel’s thesis the most.

    And this episode is better than the manga one, since the lyrics were cut to avoid copyright problems and there is no voice coming out.

    I want to give more info regarding Izumi but it seems that you hate spoilers so I’ll stop it at that.

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