New Stuff & Changes on Eye Sedso: Effective 6-22-09

Alright, as you surly noticed, I’ve gone back to the first theme that I ever had, because frankly, looking back, this is probably the best theme wordpress has. I mean, personally, I like the black backround with white lettering. Everything is easier to read. Here’s some other new stuff:

My old banner.

  • I’m not going to post as much. Just because. (we’ll see how long this lasts).
  • I’m really thinking of stopping watching shows weeks to week, and just marathoning everything instead, because marathoning shows is ten million times better. I mean, I’d probably still watch 2 or 3 shows week to week, but that’s about it (if this change happens). If this change happens, then it probably won’t be in effect until summer at least (most likely fall though). This would obviously change the site a lot (kind of back to how it was originally.
  • I re-did my “About” page and it doesn’t suck as much now.
  • I start work tomorrow, so expect it to not affect this ISSS at all.
  • I want to start actually making my own banners, because I’m just taking existing picture or screen shots and cropping them, and it feels really cheap. I may begin to dabble in that sort of thing, if I’m not lazy (it will probably not happen). But yea, be on the lookout. (I actually made my first banner. It’s now in my about page).
  • I ran 14 miles today, mainly uphill. It was hard and I am very sore. I’m hoping to run a marathon by summer’s end, but I’m probably way to out of shape to do it. I wish I knew my time. I know I ran the first 11 or 12 miles pretty fast (8 minute pace?) but I died on the last 2 miles or so. I just needed to boast about that, as it’s the farthest I’ve run ever.

That’s all from the peanut gallery. only one post tomorrow maybe, and it will be related to a prize that I forgot about.


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