Megavideo Rules Again

Thank God, today is an awesome day for me. Thanks to ZOMGAnime, I discovered an awesome add-on for Firefox browsers that eliminates all shitty aspects of Megavideo, Veoh, and Rapidshare. Pretty much, everything is unlimited again. Feel free to watch movies on Megavideo that are more than 72 minutes long! YIPPEE!!!! Anyway, install this:

It literally takes 5 seconds, and is quick and easy to use. I am sooooo fucking pumped you have no idea. This is the best news I’ve heard in a while.


7 thoughts on “Megavideo Rules Again

  1. I found this out yesterday, what it does basically it just takes you to their website and play the video there, so that the limitations are absent.

  2. @ Jura: I mostly use torrents. I don’t pay for anime because I only have one dollar to my name. I do start work today, finally….

    @ oballer: Yes, also, let us go see Transformers tonight with several people.

    @ Mr. Black: Yes it does. This is going to help me a lot in downloading music.

    @ Nyarth: A world without limitations, borders and boundaries. It’s a great thing.

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