Search Post Episode 2

That’s right, here is another one.


Today we will examine: “one piece” nami porn, funny anime boobs, and, my favorite, bumps on the penis shaft.

“one piece” nami porn

This dude has class. I mean, he remembered to incorperate the quotations around One Piece…..oooo, but he forgot the rules regarding Proper Nouns. He should have written “One Piece” Nami porn. Of course, while that would make it better grammatically, it still does not take away from he fact that you are looking up One Piece Nami porn, none, of which you will find on my site.

funny anime boobs

I wanna meet this guy. In fact, I’m going to type this in and see what comes up……yea basically just anime porn. Although I did see this, which was funny:

Mai Otome was a great show.

bumps on the penis shaft

Ummm…….yea, I don’t have anything here about bumps on the penis shaft, but I’m pretty sure that if you have them, you should consult your physician. Apparently this guy wasn’t done though, because someone later typed in “penis bumps”. Just goes to prove, if you ain’t got a jacket, don’t start the racket. (I just made that up bitch).

anime cerix

I just noticed this one. Why would you want to see an anime cervix? That’s just weird, in several different way. That wouldn’t turn me on if it wasn’t anime. That’s just……blachh.

Well so ends another fine day. I’ve been really busy with family stuff, so I’m barely putting posts out or watching any anime, and this was kind of a filler, although I did find the penis bumps thing funny….I woder what my related posts list will look like?