Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 3: The Same as Last Episode! Or is it just deja vu?

This episode was the same as last episode:

Wasn't this last episode? Must be deja vu...

O-Bon...again!? Must be deja vu....

The same part time job? Must be deja vu...

So all of this stuff, that I thought happened last episode, is happening again. Of course, Kyon sort of realizes this too, but dismisses it as deja vu. But then something happens that not only makes last episode a lot better, but also……..well……it makes last episode better. I mean, I kind of expected (from the first scene with Kyon watching TV) that this would be the case.

Endless recurssion of time? Sounds like dej- Oh wait a minute.

So apparently the SOS brigade, and everyone on Earth has been repeating Haruhi’s summer vacation, because Haruhi has something that she subconsciously wants to do. Everyone’s memories reset each time, although Kyon and company realize it’s happening, because their closer to Haruhi. However, they mostly dismiss it as deja vu. The only one who has kept their memories for every recursion was Nagato, and she’s gone through this cycle how long?


Wow…..holy shit actually. How many days is that?

Yea, I'd be bored.

594 YEARS....Holy wow.

So how do they get out of this predicament? Well, Haruhi wants to do something, and they need to know what it is. However, nothing can be accomplished, and Kyon goes to bed ready to start the whole thing over again.

Thoughts and Shit: This episode makes the last one 60.78 times better exactly. I love things that deal with time. This show is kicking ass, and it only just hit me that Haruhi is actually BACK. This episode ends with a lot of anticipation, and I can’t wait for the next one.

UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: Kurokami is awesome. I should be finished tonight, as I marathoned the second half. It’s awesome. Awesome action. Awesomeness, even if the animation is sometimes lacking.