Kurokami: Holy Shi-

Okay okay okay…….first of all, let me explain my odd, staggered viewing schedule regarding Kurokami: The Animation. I started watching it when there were about 7 episodes released, and I caught up in no time at all, but then I abruptly stopped watching it after episode 12 (it was a perfect stopping point…Wikipedia says that there are two seasons, and 12 is the end of season 1, but that’s bullshit because usually seasons have a break in between). Then I waited. I waited until it was over, and then I steamrolled my way through the second half. Why did I do this? Because Kurokami is one of those shows that, once I start an episode, I can’t stop watching it until the series is over. (aka addictive).

Kurokami: The Animation

I hated Kuro at first, but she transforming into an awesome character.

Okay, where is all of the talk about how awesome this show is? Considering that it kicks more ass than Bill the Ass-Kicker, people should be yelling to the skies, “KUROKAMI IS AWESOME!” I myself want to bellow it from the top of a mountain. But I don’t have a mountain, I have an ISSS, and today’s thoughts in Glo the Legend’s world go a little something like:


Premise: The coolest shit ever….okay maybe not the coolest, but the plot was good enough to keep me interested. I’m not even going to explain the Doppleliner System and Terra and all that awesomenesss, because it’s too fucking cool. Especially the second half. It blew my fucking mind.

I mean, sure, toward the end, Kurokami may have completely ripped off Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with it’s own version of Koume and Kotake, Twinrova:

Koume and Kotake?


fire 1

fire 2

And Frost:

frost 1

frost 2

The plot was pretty much irreverent through my eyes. It could have been about the dumbest things ever. The main reason why I liked this show was because it had some of the sickest action sequences that I’ve seen in a while. Sick poses and quick paced movements, coupled with sweet moves gave this anime an aggressive, in your face, smash hammer mallet feel that I haven’t felt in a while. Now, before you think I’m completely riding the Kuro-cock, let me talk about all of the bad things (which are obviously spoilers durrr):

Very Bad Things (not the movie….I hated that movie):

  • First of all, Akane was the stupidest character ever in the world. I just didn’t like her. First of all, she looked fucking retarded. Second of all, she didn’t have any real purpose (until the end, where she had a rather large purpose, but she was still pointless throughout, and was mainly a nuisance) not to mention she wore way too much lipstick (I’m serious, how old was Akane……..34? She looked like it). She was too tall….she looked like some kind of Dutch freak (definitely not Japanese…didn’t look Japanese at all). I wanted her to die or something (that’s morbid) but instead she marries Keitain the last episode. Talk about shitty.
  • Second of all, there was so much cliche bullshit that it wasn’t even funny. During the final final fight, where Keita merges with Akane’s massive terra, Kuro says, “I can not only feel their terra, but their feelings too.” Give me a fucking break. The only thing that saved that scene was the nasty fighting sequence that followed shortly thereafter. I mean, there was cliche bullshit all over this show. All this “defeating fate” crap. Do you know the definition of fate?

fate // (ft)



a. The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.
b. The inevitable events*** predestined by this force.
2. A final result or consequence; an outcome.
3. Unfavorable destiny; doom.
4. Fates Greek & Roman Mythology The three goddesses, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, who control human destiny. Used with the.
***INEVITABLE EVENTS. You can’t change something that is inevitable. I hate shows where the main characters “defeat fate”. I call bullshit on that.
  • Kuro’s hair. Was it black? Was it red? Just what’s going on there?
  • That stupid dog.
  • The moves may have been kind of cool, but the names sucked…..Mega Cannon? Mega Exe (short for exceed I’m assuming)? I mean, I thought that Kuro would  have three moves: First, Mega Exe, then Giga Exe. This progression did in fact happen, but where was the Tera Exe (as in Terabyte/Terra)? Not only does it continue the pattern that I thought was developing, but it also makes reference to the power that they use to produce such moves. I guess double innuendos are too smart for this creative bunch of idiots.
  • A bunch of other minor things that I noticed but now forgot.
Now, that’s a lot of stuff that I didn’t like, and some of it was kind of major (like the plot of defeating fate…..no way I should give this anime anything more than a 4, right?). Well….I’ll admit I didn’t like a lot of things, but what’s really impressive about this anime, is that the fighting, and overall plot development (besides the “fate” shit) made me forget all of the crappy aspects of this show, and instead gaze in awe at the awesomeness of it. If a show can make you overlook it’s faults, then that’s saying something.
Every single episode I sat there and shook my head. “This is fuckin awesome.” I would mutter to my self. I thought that this anime was good, and if it had not been for the bullshit that surrounded it, maybe it would have gotten a better grade than a

The bullshit brought it down two grades, too bad.

12 thoughts on “Kurokami: Holy Shi-

  1. Sorry, but Kurokami is half the time shit and half averange. Never did it have a tiny bit of awesomeness. Then again, that´s for me. Good for you to like it. On a side note, even i like the manga, so if you liked the anime … read the manga.

  2. yeah, the final fight was definitely Twinrova from Ocarina from Time. In the second half they decided to screw it with the story and pile on the action, and it kind of worked. I mean it was definitely better than the first half where the story was going nowhere and Keita was being emo.

  3. your a hypocrite… just about the “defeating fate” stuff… because im pretty sure the whole point of higurashi was them trying to “beat fate”… so why do you like it in higurashi but not this??? hmmmmm

  4. @ Alt Eisen R: I may check out the manga. And by may I probably mean won’t, just because I don’t have time. But I’ll write it down in my trusty Anime List for me to ignore later (Hey, at least I’m truthful with myself).

    @ finalanimestop: Your delusional. I’m horribly un-funny.

    @ TJ: Yea, the second half was DEFINITELY better than the first. Especially the first scene, where it’s snowy and Kuro is walking down the highway, and then she’s stopped by those guys, and-

    @ oballer: My dear good sir, “Fate” had absolutely nothing what so ever to do with Higurashi. Rika had accepted the fact that everyone would always die, and might have at one point thought it was fate, but it clearly wasn’t. Higurashi was about finding an way to change how the story (Rika’s life up to and through the date of the festival) played out. Basically, it was a puzzle to figure out how to reach a “good ending” (it’s based off of a game, so it makes sense), but fate is not involved at any point in the anime. Glad to have cleared that up.

  5. are you an idiot?? how is it number 6 on your top 10 if you dont even understand the show.. and its not that hard to understand considering she said it about 50 times for the last 10 episodes of the series

    “i have to find a way to beat fate”

    “is fate something that can be beaten?”

    “it looks like this time we might actually be able to beat fate!”

    the list goes on and on…. the ENTIRE point of that show was Rika trying to beat fate and yes come to a good ending but the only way she could get a good ending was to beat fate… because the fate of every single world was for everyone to die… and in each world she was trying to… get this…


  6. @ oballer: Even if that’s what they said they were doing it’s not what they were actually doing. For something to be considered “fate” someone has to say, “this situation is inevitable and can’t be changed ever no matter what”. Once Rika realized that the situation could be changed, she should have realized that the situation was not based on fate. THERE WAS NO FATE IN HIGURASHI. ANY THOUGHTS TO THE CONTRARY ARE WRONG. In Kurokami, someone actually said, “This is fate. It’s written in the stars or some bullshit.” This differs from Higurashi, where no one actually said that the situation was fate, Rika just assumed it was. It went more like this:

    Rika: “Will I ever escape my fate?”

    In this case, she was referring to “her fate” as the typical outcome of every arc. Since it had happened over and over, she had accepted it as “her fate”. In this case, she used fate as described by the second definition listed above, which “is a final outcome.” There’s a difference. They are beating a different fate. Jesus Christ do I have to explain everything.

  7. yea except when keiichi said to rika “you can’t say fate cannot be changed so lightly”

    and his point was proven almost immediately when he gave mion the doll where previously he did not and she went nuts

    and btw are you reading what you write?? you sound retarded… just admit that your being hypocritical

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