Anime is for Little Kids





Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied


Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro chan


I agree.


16 thoughts on “Anime is for Little Kids

  1. @ Seinime: Some anime is. I don’t watch that though, because it’s gay and dumb.

    @ Kode Dekka: I think School Days provides kids with a good lesson:

    If you have to much sex with too many girls, you get you’re head chopped off and stuffed in a bag.

    This could help cut down on the spread of STDs!

    @ Jura: While I agree with this statement, I am still prompted to retort that it depends on your definition of “mature”. “What,” may I ask, “are some anime that you would consider to be mature?” (I want to watch them, if I haven’t already).

    @ nekosasu: No man wants to be called an “old man”. Please use the proper title of “geezer” or the more informal “old fart.”

  2. @ TJ: I’m taking a break from Gantz, so that later I can just read like 15 chapters in a row. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to do. We’ll see how long I actually do it for.

    @ simplybill: I remember when I aspired to become a Pokemon Trainer (not a master, because then you have to sit in that hall and wait for trainers to come fight you, that’s too boring).

    @ Nyarth. Me too, especially when Lucy was escaping and twisted that girl’s head off. (shudders). I need more of that kind of anime.

  3. @ May: I need another anime like one of the ones listed above. One with blood. Good thing Umineko no Naku Koro ni comes out this week.

    @ omisyth: Eye only deal with truth here.


  4. @Jura: if those images arent “mature” in your book i hope you know your children will become serial killers

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