AHRYAAAAAAA!!! Onizuka Final Grade!!!

AHRYAAA!!! I love his God Damn Yell. Usually when I start an anime review post with such enthusiasm, you can tell I liked it.

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

I may be replacing use of the word "awesome" with use of the phrase "Onizukaish".

Yes. I know. Before you say anything. I know. Everyone on Earth has seen this freakin’ show already, and already knows  that it’s some of the most awesome crap in the world. Well guess what? I’m here to fuckin’ remind you, bitch!

Premise: Onizuka is a gang leader turned teacher, and he’s the fucking man. He gets a job as a teach at some private school where he’s handed the worst behaved class there is. Can he survive this class? Watch to find out!

Now, before I say anything else, let me first focus on the character that is Onizuka:

If you've ever talked to me on AIM, then you know that this is my icon (I'm never on AIM anymore, because I just never feel like going on).

I’m going to make a list of why he is the man. How long will it be? I won’t know until it’s done. Fuck, it could be 17 pages long, what are you gonna do about it? Nothing bitch! Read this shit or suffer the consequences (the only consequence is that you didn’t get to read this).:

  1. He openly loves women. Some refer to this as being a “pervert”, but I refer to it as being “not gay.”
  2. He has blond hair and black eyebrows. I haven’t seen anyone with the balls to pull that off since Cody Pitts from my high school. (no one here really knows Cody Pitts, but he was and still is the man. He was on that show Wife Swap once. He also did the voice of Slippery Soap on Blue’s Clues for a time. I hear that he was also recently on Cash Cab (the episode hasn’t aired yet). However, Onizuka has also done all of these things, so Cody Pitts is still not on the same level. I still wonder how the fuck he gets on all these shows though).
  3. He can never ever ever ever die. This is a fact. A fucking bomb drop on his head, and he will be fine (it’s happened).
  4. He was in a gang, and then decided to become the best school teacher ever. Just decided one day to do it. You know, no big deal.
  5. No  one can actually get the better of him, even when you think you’ve got him beat or figured out, he’ll turn the tables on you.
  6. He’s not afraid to steal.
  7. He’s not afraid to beat his students.
  8. He does whatever the fuck he wants.
  9. He isn’t afraid to pierce his ears, and it only makes him look more manlier.
  10. He’ll jump off a cliff/building without a second thought. Now that’s B-A.

I’ll stop it at an even ten points. There are many more, feel free to add any I’ve missed. on to the actual show (this could be a point “He was in an awesome show centered on his life”).

GTO is one of those anime that you wait for, and when you get it, you get obsessed with it. Now, I don’t know how it took me so long to watch GTO, but it took me a while (although I did watch the last 15 episodes today (that’s a complete lie, I watched like 10……okay 8). It’s so easy to get into a groove watching it. I almost don’t want to finish it, because then it will be over, and I will have to read the manga, and then that will be over, and I will have to read the other manga. By the way, I never read manga unless an anime is:

  • Really fucking good, and is incomplete.
  • Really fucking good, and differs from the manga.

Either way, the anime has to be “really fucking good”. Well GTO is fits the qualifications, and then some. This post is becoming a bit too “black and white” so here are the OPs for GTO. They are both excellent OPs. So good, in fact, that I watched them every episode for the entire 40+ series.

Jesus I don’t know which one is better. Anyway, more about the awesomeness of the show. Hmm, I guess I’ll throw some Pros and Cons in here.


  • Onizuka.
  • Good animation. It seems a bit older, but it’s good. (actually, most older animation is good). I mean, GTO isn’t really that old of an anime (maybe I’m just old, and still think that 2000 wasn’t that long ago).
  • Characters. Jesus Christ they were some of the best. Let me just list off my favorite 3 (besides Onizuka). I have numbered them so that 1. = Best, 2. = second, and if you can’t guess what 3. means then you should shoot yourself in the mouth with a fucking bazooka.
  1. Urumi Kanzaki – Evidence that supports my theory that states that heterochromians are awesome, and never un-awesome.
  2. Anko Uehara – I don’t know I just liked her.
  3. Yoshito Kikuchi – He’s just the man. He’s like, “Yea, don’t worry about it, I know everything.” He’s always calm.
  • I don’t know what else to say. I could talk about how the seiyu were perfect. I could talk about how the plots for the arcs were always entertaining and how I couldn’t stop watching until I was done with an arc. I could talk about these things, but I don’t want to.


  • The cons must be wearing camouflage because I couldn’t see them. Of course, this can’t be the case because camouflage has no effect on me:

I'm pretty sure I stole this joke. Who cares it's still funny.

So what else can I say about GTO, other then “Hey Mike, does this conjure up any memories? Maybe of a past girlfriend “girlfriend”?”

You made a great couple, even though you never went near each other.

I could say more about this show, but this post is getting kind of long for my liking, therefore I will announce that GTO gets an OBVIOUS

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (Top Ten #9)

Does anyone know whether or not the anime follows the manga for GTO?


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