Romance in Anime Part 1

Then Piggyback rides are considered one of the most romantic things you can do with a girl.

Yes, a piggyback.

Anytime you ask a girl to hop on your back, you can be sure that she will blush, climb on anyway, and act embarrassed the entire time. However, she will think to herself, “This is the best,” and she will actually become very turned on. Then she will procede to fall asleep, and dream about your back. What about real life?

Personally, I’d love to give a girl a piggyback ride. And by piggyback ride, I of course mean sex.


3 thoughts on “Romance in Anime Part 1

  1. 90% of the time im thinking “if her foot is broken, wouldnt it be better to call an ambulance? Or go to a hospital for that matter!?”
    But then i remember that im watching anime.

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