Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 4: Wtf? Really?

Wow. Creating this episode was literally the biggest waste of money anyone could ever accomplish. I’m not making any screenshots. I’m not even going to say anything about the content of the episode. But don’t feel gypped. If you want to know more about the actual plot of this episode, then just read posts about episode 3, because it was literally no different. Everything was exactly the same. The only difference was that it was the 15499th time that the time recursion happened instead of the 15498th. That’s the only way that I could tell that this episode was new.

This episode gets a zero, and was exactly as bad as the Akikan filler. Wow, I never thought I’d put Haruhi on the same level as Akikan, but I did. I almost feel like never watching Haruhi again, just to spite the studio for making this stupid piece of shit episode. I’m so mad that I wasted my time. Here’s a shitty picture of something shitty, that serves as the centerpiece for the rest of this post:

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka OVA was BULLSHIT.

While I’m on the subject of wasting my time, let me quickly mention the Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka OVA, and how abysmal it was.

  • I forgot who all of the characters were.
  • It was 100% blatant,  pointless fanservice.
  • The animation reminded me of Akikan.
  • I stopped watching after 5 minutes, and just skipped through the rest.
  • It was everything I expected it to be.

The series wasn’t bad. I mean, the end was pretty brutal with all of the over dramatization, but overall, it was the shittiest piece of shit ever wasn’t horrible. What a shitty OVA though, I mean, damn………at least Aoi Hana looks like one of the best shows ever (more on that tomorrow).


9 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 4: Wtf? Really?

  1. I’m just laughing at the lot of you bloggers along with the director. And yes, I am the single person that enjoyed the episode.

  2. Stop watching Haruhi lol, I heard that they’ll be repeating the same stuff for awhile. If you waste your time anymore you might explode.

  3. @ Ipsod: First and foremost, this isn’t a blog, it’s an ISSS, which makes me, not a blogger, but an ISSSer. Second of all, When this episode stared I was actually excited because they were repeating. I thought, “This is sick they forgot everything again.” However, I thought that they’d at least put something new in it, like maybe they figure out what Haruhi wants before the time skip happens again.

    @ Flame Strike: What you proposed is impossible.

    @ simplybill: Umineko does look really awesome, and when people start dying it will probably become one of my favorites, but right now Aoi Hana has exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds, and I love it.

    @ Baka-Rapor: I thought of Higurashi during this whole “time recursion” arc. Higurashi is better though because people get bludgeoned with bats and claw their own throats out.

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    • Maybe…II wouldn’t know, seeing as I watched the first five minutes, and then skipped through the rest of the OVA haphazardly, yielding incomplete results and inability to yield correct results.

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