Search Post Episode 3

Okay I know, I just put one out, but this one is pretty good, and I couldn’t wait.

Search Post 3

I’m only going to talk about two:

small bumps on the penile shaft: I don’t know how people get here from typing that in. I’ve tried it, and my site doesn’t come up. I mean, it probably will now. But yea, wow, someone’s really looking for stuff on the penile shaft: small bumps, hair….wow

boy full blow erection: Pedophilia is wrong people. And that reminds me:

pornography baka raptor: ??? I don’t even know.

One thing I don’t get is how people find my site mostly by searching “Queen’s Blade”. Where’s all the searches fo “Eye Sedso?” I had one for glothelegend the other day, but that’s it. I guess my site just isn’t that great. But wait. Did you think that this post was over? Nah, I got a whole nother day (I am perfectly aware that “nother” isn’t a word….or should I say…wasn’t until I just used it). There’s one reason why I’m bringing up this other list:

Search Post 3.5

I guess Queen’s Blade has helped my site. Am I the Queen’s Blade spokesperson now? Wtf? Anyway, I just wanted to point out:

Akikan Porn: I don’t know who would look at this. Not because it’s anime porn, but because it’s Akikan. I mean, even if you find some Akikan porn, do you realize how poorly drawn it’s going to be? Akikan animation is so bad that it strives to be shitty, because shitty would be an upgrade to the atrotiousness of it’s animation. Just ask Mikotoism. That’s all. If you have anything you want to chime in about, then by all means go ahead. And if you see something that you recognize as a search that you preformed, then go ahead and fess up.


10 thoughts on “Search Post Episode 3

  1. Looking at search terms is probably the highlight of blogging fo me. For some reason we manage to get over 50 hits per day for ‘boobs’ which is amazing when you consider exactly how many pages of porn you’d have to trawl through to reach a non-pornographic anime blog

  2. sleeping in a bed with a friend isnt fucked up… but thats just wierd… who the hell searches that shit??

    also… i also get a bunch of hits from people searching “(anime name) porn”

  3. @ TJ: Not going to happen ever.

    @ Scamp: Boobs are nice. You should be proud.

    @ Seinime: That’s because I rule.

    @ Mike: That’s right, I refused your “blog name”. I almost slept in a bed with Joe tonight, but the part sucked, and there was no point in getting hammered for it, so we drove home. What a waste.

    @ simplybill: Saw that coming lol. I rage with you.

    @ Baka-Raptor: You probably don’t remember because of the roofies.

    @ Kairu: (regarding Baka-Raptor and his porn career) You know what I’m talking about.

  4. well that sucks… you should have came to boston with us… free kegs… i drank about 25 beers and almost fought 2 irish guys who thought they could drink just because they were from ireland…. i showed them how we do it in america and they got pissed

    • Hahahahaa that’s awesome. Yea, that would’ve been better. I jumped off of cliffs today that were really high and it was awesome. Matt jumped off a higher one, and I didn’t do that one, because this was only the first time I jumped off cliffs, but I’m going to do it every weekend now.

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